Friday, 12 May 2017

6 Benefits of Equity in Education

There is a lot of debate going on around us regarding the terms equity and equality and that which one is more beneficial for children when it comes to classroom education. Well, a definite answer is equity as it ensures that every student gets what he/she needs. The concept of equity demands individual focus on every child. This requires teachers to reach down the individual level of each student and help him/her learn things.
We know that each student is gifted in a way different from the other. Some learn by viewing things while others just by listening, some get better by physical interaction with the process while others need a combination of all these techniques. The concept of equity needs teachers to make available what it takes to help students learn things.
In this article, we have listed down some of the benefits of equity in education.

Easy Learning for Children:

Students are the focus of every educational system. People responsible for running such systems seek methods and ways which learning can be rendered easy for students. Equity is a concept which ensures that learning is made easy for every student. Each student is taught what he/she needs to be taught.

Improved Grades:

Due to an introduction of equity in education, students are given individual focus by their tutors. This makes it easy for them to understand things. As a result, their academic performance improves. Students tend to get good grades which suggest that your children are growing.

Increased Gender Equality:

Gender equality is a huge issue in education all around the globe. With the introduction of equity in education, you can ensure maximum gender equality in education. Girls are given equal opportunities in learning which is for the greater good of the society in the longer run.

Fair Classroom Environment:

A classroom is a room where lessons take place for students which in turn help them for the rest of their life. If the classroom environment isn’t fair then children from underprivileged backgrounds will feel marginalized and left out from the whole process. The concept of equity, however, demands a fair classroom environment where each child is treated fairly regardless where he/she comes from.

Accessible for Teachers:

The very concept of equity has made things easy for teachers as well. As a tutor, you can undergo different training programs for the purpose of understanding the concept. Once you do that, you can ensure improved output from your students. This will ultimately improve the overall results of your class which is good for you as well as your students.

Better Society:

The last benefit associated with the concept of equity in education is that it ensures equality in society. Since the students are taught by using the methods they feel comfortable with they ultimately go on to become productive members of the society. This transforms them into individuals who make the basis of civil society which ushers a positive change in the world.
These are the benefits which you get to enjoy by introducing the concept of equity in the realm of education.

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