Wednesday, 17 May 2017

6 Drawbacks in Teaching Methods

Teaching is one of the noblest of professions in the world. Every profession in this world owes its sustenance to it. Teachers have always played a crucial role in, not only imparting education to the future of the nation but building their character as well. But, if their teaching methods are flawed and lack what it takes to achieve the expected goals, the whole ideology collapses. Here in this article, we are going to discuss 6 disadvantages of flawed teaching methods.
  1. Lack Of Discipline:
In modern times, strict discipline in classroom is deemed as authoritarian and generally discouraged. Kids are not supervised in their work as strictly as it used to be in traditional education. Students are encouraged to discover new things by themselves, making their own discoveries without any proper supervision. This make the class environment open to disciplinary discrepancies which results in unruly environment. Children are let to process information at their own speed, which doesn’t improve their learning abilities in much competitive environment.
  1. System Of Learning:
System of learning has changed drastically. Rote learning, such as learning multiplication tables by heart and doing mental mathematics, is considered old school and is mostly sidelined. Kids are encouraged to adopt a learning style of its own liking. This kind of free hand given to kids has proved to be futile as far as the efficacy graph of overall student’s learning is concerned.
  1. Unjustified Praising Of Students:
Modern educational techniques adopted the process of praising a kid no matter what. This has not produced the expected results. When a student is not criticized for what he/she has done wrong in a proper manner, the personal development of a kid is hindered and he/she will not be able to take criticism as an adult in a positive manner. Even as a kid, who has to survive in the environment outside the classroom as well; has to know about the flaws in his own behavior and he/she has to learn to behave properly.
  1. Whole Class Teaching Methods:
Whole class teaching methods as adopted in China and Sub-continental countries, such as Pakistan and India is being praised and considered much better option as an educational system. This makes the students more attentive and pushes the students to compete for knowledge and make use of their brains more and become more involved in the learning process. The method of giving individual attention to each student makes the student lazy and more demanding.
  1. Problem Solving Skills:
Problem solving skills, as proven through scientific research, draw their experience from long term memory. While our modern education system base its methods drawing only on short term memory familiarity. This makes the children more dependable on others. These students fail to take initiatives and have little to none ability to make decisions.
  1. Respect Of Teachers:
Modern school system not supporting authoritarianism has its drawbacks. One of them is disrespectful attitude of students towards their teachers. In more traditional style of teaching, it never went unpunished. But modern traditions give an open hand to students to take leverage of the situation.

AUTHOR’S BIO: David Jack, writer of this exclusive article, is a high school teacher and Pay Someone To Write My Essay active member of school disciplinary board. She makes occasional contributions to online magazines.

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