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Are you thinking of how to import goods from Abroad without traveling? or have you ever wondered how some smart Nigerians get themselves importing USA, UK, CHINA and so on products from the comfort of their homes? I know you are saying yes, thats why i have came up with my best knowledge on online importation business to help my readers.
 Hi friend, I am your friend Sunkanmi Afolabi the host of this blog, in few minutes i will be sharing with you step by step needed to buy your product online anywhere anyday.
                                            TIPS TO START
1. Get a computer or Laptop
2. Get your credit card loaded
3. Get a USA address
4. Get a Nigeria address
5. Get an internet connection

There are lots of USA ecommerce shops, many of these shops would allow you to buy product from their shops online and send it to you wherever you are, why some would only allow USA citizens to shop from their store.
Below are popular USA online stores
1. amazon
2. BUY
3. Tiger direct
4. ebay
5. mobilepc
Lets focus on AMAZON as a case study.

AMAZON(How to order goods from Amazon Here in Nigeria)
Amazon is one of the America largest eshop that allows buyers globally to order products or goods in their market place. As a buyer precisely Nigeria buyers you are allowed and permitted to buy their products with your dollar dominated credit card you can use zenith websurfer or Gtb dollar master card But the little problem we are having as a Nigerian is Amazon would not ship to Nigeria Except books, cards, cds and Dvds, Gift items. Please forget your order if you want amazon to send you electronics, House hold materials, office equipment and so on. Anyway we are mostly denied to even buy a single product on other sites, you all know why (Yahoo boys). There is a solution and thats why i am here today to help you out.
1. Goto amazon on your computer or may be cyber cafe if you dont have personal computer. browse through category of products you are looking for or to make it snappy type your keyword e.g "HP laptop" inside the search box then search. Browse through the list of products that comes up. check the type of hp laptop you are looking for, review the product and note the price.
2. Get your credit card loaded, if you dont have one Goto any Nearest bank ask for it, use the above zenith websurfer link or gtb master card to learn more, But i prefer zenith widely accepted in most cases when making payment online.
              To get a Zenith websurfer card
.UTILITY BILL (phcn bill /water bill)
. MODE OF IDENTIFICATION(drivers licence/National Id card/International passport)
. $120+ opening balance
when you have the above mentioned requirement then you are good to get your own card zenith websurfer
3. Get a USA address, you can use your relative's or friend address in USA to receive your products on your behalf and later send it to you here in Nigeria. Alternatively use
          ABOUT MYUS.COM is an online shipping company that provides usa address for Non USA citizens, allows Non usa to ship to their address where they would pick it and send it to Nigeria home/office address you provided. You can get a standard plus package on for $6.99 per month or $60 per year it all depends on how long you want to deal with them, if you are on for a serious importation business opt for 1 yr or more subcription, you will be given a USA address after the process of your registration is complete on
4. Log on to amazon
      Register with your Name on credit card, Register as a Nigerian, use your Local address on your zenith websurfer card. search for the product you are looking for, add product to cart, you can continue shopping if you are buying more if not proceed order. Enter your shipping details, that is your USA address provided by dont worry Amazon will send to any usa address neglecting where you are shopping from. Pay your Bills with your card. When your product arrives your USA address, MYUS.COM will notify your email box, you can also log in to your account to track your awaited product.
5. When your product arrives your USA address, It is time to forward to Nigeria, enter your shipping address(i.e where you want to pick your product) pay for shipping bill with your card, MYUS.COM will send through DHL courier company. Dhl will deliver to your address or call you to pick it in nearest office of DHL in you area.
*If you cant follow all processes mentioned since, then use this third party website circuitatlantic they shop on your behalf on USA sites i have mentioned earlier, you are allowed to pay in Naira through Local bank or Atm card. You can also check their website for more details or office address

8 Ladipo Kuku Street, Off Allen Avenue
Ikeja, Lagos

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Nigeria student. m2b
Hello friend, I am sunkanmi afolabi.Today ! am sharing with you different business ideas that you as a student or any undergraduate can start to make a living income in their various institution.
Everyone knows that isn't easy to send a child to university , polytechnic, college of education and among others, we can easily tagged this with the present economic situation of the country and Financial (poor) of many families. Many children would have attended schools, pay school fees, buy necessary materials, Rent good hostels, eat food at normal time, put on good clothes, shoes and soon. but they could not due to the lack of good financial support by parent, relative and sponsors. we have lot of students in our campuses that falls to this category of schooling with no food, no pocket money. lot of salary earners children or tell me how much is #18000 minimum wages that a salary earner would receive to send a child or even children to school(good schools). What of road side hawkers, local farmers, the less privileges and so on .
            #Fact:-Do you know being born poor is not your fault
                       But if you die poor, blame your self
In the book of Mathew 7v7 (the bible figure out key points to get solution to this problem... ASK, SEEK and KNOCK)
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Lets Digest a little on businesses you can start as a student. below are small scale businesses you can start as a student with less capital

   This is a good business idea for guys especially those living in boys hostel, you can set up a mini barbing shop if you have a good idea barbing hair. If not learn within few weeks.
1. Get a clipper (#3500-#5000)
2. Hair brush (#50-#200)
3. get a scissors
4. Get a shampoo
5. Die if necessary
6. Generator (#12000-#15000)
8. mirror
                                                  9. table and share.
*You may not need a shop in hostel, even generator sometime might be out of it. But off campus you can approach people to get a small space of land, make a wooden neatly made shop, paint with a bucket of paint #500, install your other material listed above.
                                              PROFIT PLANS
A man haircut according to standard could cost between #200 to #2000 even more if you manage to be an expert . But let us limit the price to student environment #200 is okay at most #300. if you can have 10 hair cuts per day, adding weekend as an extra bonus #2000 per day multiply by 30= #60,000 per month. even if you deduct your expenses i.e cost of fuel, cream and so on, there is a guaranty you will still bank roll#50,000 monthly.
This is a good business you can easily do off school hours i.e evening and it is not seasonal, your customers would keep coming on daily basis.

Today cyber cafe is one of the hottest small scale business, even at the medium level. Everybody wants to get a particular information online, student pay school fees online, research works are done online, registration is widely done online, student submit assignment online, even write test or exam online. There is no thought in saying cafe could be the best Small scale business in higher institution.
1. Get computers can be p3 or p4 (tokunbo) fairly used< it depends on your pocket if not order new. 5 pcs is okay for a start.
2. Get an internet network provider connection from any ICT network or approach GSM network providers too
3. You can add a 3 in 1 printer not more than #12,000
4. Generator
5. Get a shop, this can be the size of a Normal room, you can even rent one from school authority. this will help you to locate yours inside school.
                                                     PROFIT PLANS
#Fact:- There is no way you wont make it, even before you know it your mini cafe can turn to a standard one within short period of time.
1. You will make money when students pay school fees online.
2. You will make money during online registration (during payment, post utme, utme and so on)
3. You will make money on a daily basis as student would keep coming to patronize your cafe stand to sort out articles for assignment, project, even check social networ(facebook,twitter) email(yahoo,gmail) and so on
4. So far they are getting the information, you will keep earning in negligence of how small your shop is, just make sure it is neat and comfortable.
             #Fact:-You will smile to bank 

Wow, no thought Telecommunication biz is the fastest growing Nigeria Business even than oil and gas. Mr Femi Otedola was once the second Nigeria Richest man. Today it is Otunba Mike adenuga of Globacom. 
setting up a recharge card business can be divided into two.
                                  PRINTING OF RECHARGE CARD
Printing and distributing of recharge cards is a good business that has turned many Nigerians into a millionaire, though then when people ventured into this business it was not a suitable business a student can start due to the heavy capital required. Thank God for the new machine above, you dont need to connect with computer or internet, need no printer... and you can print different cards MTNGLOBACOM, ZAIN, ETISALAT and so on. with a minimum bulk pin of #10,000 naira only. This machine cost #50,000 for the small one(Good one for student). since everyone wants to load his/her phone i promise you, you will earn a good income

      Just like recharge card printing is profitable like wise repairing GSM and phone call boot can make your pocket rich.
                 TIPS TO START
1. Learn how to repair a GSM, many engineers would love to teach you if you can approach them
2. Get the materials i.e equipment, your small stand(table, chair and umbrella)
3. generator

                                                         PROFIT PLANS
with the population of phone users in higher institutions at least 99.9% use phones, sure their phones would be faulty, that's not a curse but a facet, only the phone engineers would repair for them. In other side Get a simple china phone of #3500 start a call boot, when you repair phone for someone the other will make call.
Joining the two business ideas is a good income and profitable idea at the end of the month.

Cutting your cloth according to your size is a popular habit among Female students. Please if I am wrong correct me, more than 85% of Nigeria Female student wears Tokunbo clothes, shoes and bags. These products also known as OKIRIKA, bend down select, Bosi Corner. it is a good idea, Never blame anyone wearing it. I have seen Rich people that still put this products on with classes. The reason why a girl must where a quality (TOKUNBO) is just the cost of an original brand new clothes, bags, shoes can be so unaffordable for a student who had no other source of personal finance than the little pocket money given by parent.
 Most people selling these products in school are student like you, they got these products at a very ridiculous price especially in Lagos and when they had gathered their goods, they made huge profit selling the quality ones at higher prices.
                                 TIPS TO START
1. You can start with as little as #20,000
2. Visit your colleagues hostel to hostel , room to room
3. Make your product cheaper than others, but calculate profit.
4. You can even visit all the offices in your school, most Staffs will buy quality ones.

My dear friend, Thanks for taking your time since morning to read PART1. i will continue in PART 2 in future write up.
My final words, you might have said to yourself where would i get start up Capital?
1. Ask God for help, Ask your parent, Guidance, Your relatives, to help you
2. Seek for help, gives reasons why they must help you
3. Knock on doors with your ideas, they will surely help you.
4. alternatively borrow, work part time, Just make sure you find a means to start
          #fact:- it doesn't matter what people call you, they might referred to you as a hairdresser, barber, typist, car washer, But you know where you are going to, You know the reason why you are into business. when it comes to the time of famine in school those that insult you will beg you for food.
***********Note cultism, prostitution (ashewo, aristo), internet scam(yahoo yahoo) Non of these is a business but an avenue to spoil your beautiful future. God bless
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


getting unlimited article for your blog
Today i am going to share with you how to write your BLOG first post. But if you are new or want to learn how to start a blog click here. Blogging is the act of writing articles and publishing article in a Blog or Weblog for readers to read, comment, share ideas and so on. Blogging is all about giving out useful tips that can have a positive effect on your readers present or may be past situations. Blogging in most case focuses on a specific Niche examples ; Love, money, parenting, health matters, business, travelling, food and so on. we can easily refer to blog as a means of helping others in providing useful information.
Setting up a blog can be very easy, if you dont know to click here. As a beginner you are advice to start with free blog hosts e.g or, These are two popular free blog hosting sites, you can easily build your own blog without paying a dime. like this my BLOG you are reading now is hosted on a free blog hosting platform. using a webhost companies is a suitable idea for serious and professional bloggers who wants to make a living income online through blogging or want to have a reputable name as a blogger in this our WWW.COM
                            Four steps that will lead to a Live Blog
1. Register your domain name
2. Host your blog
3. Build your blog
4. make your first post
      Steps 1,2 and 3 is here i've talked about in my previous post , if you are a regular reader you migh have read it if not subscribe to this blog using the subscribe by email box in the side bar

                                            Writing your blog first post
Now that your blog is ready the first that comes to you is what would i post? since blogging is all about Niche marketing, putting down contents about a specific Niche. for example if you choose to writ on "TRAINING A DOG" that shows you oare building your blog with a Dog training contents.


      This might sound easy but not so easy, writing your self shows that you have a wide experience in a particular Niche for example i talked "DOG TRAINING" writing about how to train a Dog shows that you can write a lot about this dog training stuff, may be you even training Dogs as a professional. this will be easier for you write something good about training DOG TRAINING.
     A brief Tips;
Ask yourself (what are the steps needed to train a Dog?) 
write these steps some where Pick it one after the other, introduce briefly in step 1, and write what you would do in each steps when you traing Dogs or when your Dog trainers trained your dog
 combine these steps together turn it to a note or article you can split into many parts, to have more articles , editing your write up can be necessary, make it straight to the point so your reader can get the details of what you are talking about and exactly the way they want it. using this tricks make your post original and 100% legal. 
Al tho many bloggers misuse this good opportunity of getting article ready for blogs, why? Because many would prefer to copy post the way the original author wrote it.This is an illegal way of writing blog post. What Do You do? Simple as ABC, re write to make it as your original article.
follow below method
Go to clickbank and amazon market places
enter in your niche keywords (like "DOG TRAINING") and take a note of the products at the top search result, those are the best sellers. then look the sales page or the table of contents of these products to get idea for specific articles. You can get at least one article idea or more for every sales page bullet point or for every chapter listed in the table of content
Use keyword tools: Enter keywords (like "dog training") into a keyword tool like google's keyword tool. Then look for keywords like articles, tips, how to and so on 
   These words will let you know what kind of information your market is actively searching for in the search engines. 
Browse niche forums and blogs: You can find these sites by entering your keyword in google, yahoo along side with search terms like forum, discussion, blog  for example "DOG training blog" browse and look for hot topics, on forums/blogs, these are topics that has a lot of discussion or blog with regular active readers.
   Either way, viewing forums and blogs to see whats being discussed should give you several article ideas. you can even take a major topic you see and and break it into series of articles. finally which ever way you use Just make sure you re write in your own perspective, please and please dont copy the way the author wrote it. make sure you review, rebrand as your original content.

    Yes it is a good way of coming up with different articles for your blog , but i havent try this method , i prefer to use 1 and 2 but i know this method works .
online as a get coders they write articles for people who needs one at a particular moment for their blogs. though they charge some certain amount of money it all depends on type of article, length of the words and so on. some woul even write for free at first instance dealing business with you, to employ one today check any of the below websites, you will definitely find a good writer. or freelancer
i know the above tips will help you to start writing articles for your site 
click here to learn more about BLOG
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

HOW TO START A BLOG all you need to know

Starting a blog can be very easy. some steps and important tips should be followed. freshers can hold on to free webhosting platform like this blog you are reading is hosted on free hosting platform called blogger. we have the two popular ones Blogger and, you can opt for anyone that suite you. The good part of using these hosting accounts is your blog will be hosted for free, and if at the end of the day you were not able to achieve what you are to gain from blogging then you can bodily say, you have got nothing to loose since you are on free webhosting . your blog domain would be customized like mine Just an example how it looks,
   It is also good for you to practise few weeks even month sometimes year+ with free blog hosting, if at the end of your blogging profession is guaranteed then you can venture to real blog hosting.
     Here you need to invest little cash to do the following:
1. Buy a Domain
2. Buy a webhost
3. Install your blog software
4. customise your blog
5. make your first post
    Now lets take it one after the other.
What is a Domain?
With simple definition( A domain name is the combination of Alphabets or numbers that you type into your browser to open the door of a particular website/blog. for example is the domain of this blog. when you type this in your browser and send it brings you to my home page.

How to register a Domain?
Web host companies will register it and pay for the name, i mean domain name for free when you register with them,while some will ask you to pay some amount. But i personally used Domain registrars during my blog reistration, why? Because you will be assure that your domain is register and this will give you a guarantee of monitoring your domain as the real owner.
Below are popular ones to us:
1. godaddy
2. namecheap
3. register
 you can search the rest on Google

                                                   WEB HOST
What is a web host?
Web host is where your blog or websites lives, when you register a domain, your blog or website software and contents, Your webhost will house these for you and send your blog or website for people to locate anywhere in the world. We have lot of webhosting companies but you can choose those that offers quality hosting package for the site or blog you want to build, and sometimes check the charges
Try the following companies:
1. Fat cow
2. hosgator
                                      INSTALL YOUR BLOG SOFTWARE
I use wordpress and thats the best blog software you can find on the net, may be we can have good ones in the future but for now wordpress is the best.
How do you choose wordpress for your blog?
Go to your webhost account, find wordpress, then install, log into control pane to customize the look of your blog or website, add new post for new post, change appearance,
always customize to suite your own way , do it best.
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