Friday, 3 August 2012

What is Custom 360 Feedback?

360 degree feedback systems are about a holistic approach to employee appraisal. They can be used to gather data regarding the competence of a leader. They comprise of several stages, ranging from self assessment to targeted development based on information gathered by employee surveys and feedback. The 360 degree feedback process is based on software, and employees can be reminded to issue their feedback with e-mails. Importantly, 360 feedback can be customised, and so it can work very well with the integrity of your brand, as well as your specific aims. For example, how are you wanting to assess competency?

Competency assessment frameworks can be shifted so that by better represent your brand’s specific aims. The functionality of the software can also be very easily adapted, adapted to your workforce or again to your specific aims. Do you want to put a limit on the number of participants? This can easily be done within a customisable system. When businesses outsource things like employee feedback there can be a perceived loss of control.

In the final analysis, feedback is all about your business and so it makes sense that you should be allowed to retain control if you wish. With a 360 system, you are able to exert as little or as much administrative control as you want. The process of information gathering can be streamlined with software. In turn, the reliable information gathered could help improve leadership, or any other clearly defined measure, thereby improving your business.

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