Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Freelance writing can be a highly lucrative business, provided you get it right. In the freelance world, the only factor that you should be concerned about is your reputation. It is your reputation that will decide how successful your home based freelance writing business is. 

With this in mind, here are a few tips that will help you, when it comes to building your reputation as a home based freelance writer.

1. Have A Portfolio To Hand

One of the most important things that you should have in your possession, as a freelance writer, is a portfolio that showcases your skills as a writer. When contacting a potential new client, it is more than likely that they will ask you for a writing sample, or a portfolio. If you cannot provide them with a portfolio, then you run the risk of them questioning your professionalism. It is especially important that you have a portfolio when you are just starting out as a freelance writer because you won’t have a reputation yet.

2. Build a Basic Website
You don’t have to be a web designer in order to create a basic website. Domain names are cheap these days, and there are many affordable web hosting packages out there. If you want to build a reputation as a freelance writer, then it will be highly beneficial for you to have a website to refer clients to. This will also increase your professionalism at the same time.

3. Reach Out to Potential Clients
One of the main problems with freelancers who are just starting out is that they are afraid to reach out to potential new clients. However, unless you are prepared to do this, you are going to find it very difficult to earn money as a freelance writer. One of the best things that you can do is to build a list of potential clients, and contact them one by one. Send them a professional email with a little bit about yourself, as well as your portfolio. The worst thing that can happen is that the companies decline your offer of writing for them.

4. Master the Art of SEO
If you want to be a successful freelance writer, then learning the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is absolutely vital. Most of the people who will hire you to write will want to order keyword optimised articles, and if you don’t know how to successfully implement keywords into articles, then you are going to struggle to be a freelance writer with a solid reputation.

5. Ask your Clients for Testimonials
If you can get some testimonials from clients that you have worked with, then you are already building yourself a good reputation. You can publish any testimonials that you receive to your website. This will not only demonstrate a high level of professionalism, but it will also give potential new clients the reassurance that the service that you are offering is of a high quality.

These five tips will help you dramatically, when it comes to building a good reputation within the freelance world. Without a good reputation, you will struggle to break into the freelance writing market. However, with a good reputation, you will soon see an army of loyal clients who constantly seek out your services.

Author Bio: Hi, my name is ZOE. I am a British writer who loves to write about earning online, saving money, and many other financial topics, especially PPI.

Monday, 22 April 2013


There are many, many ways to make money online. One of the oldest -- and in some ways the most successful -- strategies is to buy and sell domain names. Domain names are like virtual real estate. Some are premium property on the Internet, and if you snap them up at just the right time and for just the right price, you can turn around and sell them for a hefty profit. Consider how much money you could have made if you had purchased the original Beer.com.

Making money buying and selling domains requires a lot of skill and a whole lot of luck. Here are a few tips for how you be successful buying and selling domain names:
Choose the Right Domain Name

Obviously, the most important key to your success in flipping domain names is to find the right domain to buy. There are a number of ways you can find a hot domain. Stay current on hot trends and register related URLs. Perform keyword research to find what niches are getting the most traffic, and purchase domains that are related to those niches. Follow market trends to learn what products and brands are hot, and purchase site names that are related to them.
Getting the right domain name requires a lot of research and even more luck. Sometimes, you just never know when your domain will become the next big thing. Consider the man named Kerry Edwards who had kerryedwards.com registered long before that political team campaigned for the presidency.
Create Some Content
Just like you need to stage a house, you need to set up a little content on your domain to show off what it can be. You don't have to set up a full-fledged website with pages and pages of content. A simple landing page that serves as a template for the site will suffice.
Make sure that your page looks as professional as a fully developed site. Your links don't have to go anywhere, but your design should look sharp, and your home page content should include a compelling argument for the potential for the domain.
Promote It on Your Network
E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales because you are marketing to qualified leads. You should work on developing a strong e-mail list that you can use to promote your domain sales and other products. When you are ready to sell a new domain, you can instantly connect with hundreds or thousands of leads who have already expressed an interest in your product, helping you to increase your sales.
List It on Reputable Auction Sites
There are many websites that exist solely to sell other websites. Flippa.com is one of the most well-known, but there are several others. Create a compelling listing for your domain on one of these sites, and use all the tools available to verify the site and to inspire confidence in buyers. Take advantage of listing options, as well, such as having your site featured, as these will help to improve visibility and increase sales.
Buying and selling domains is a great way to make money online, but you have to do your research and develop a strategy to help ensure your odds of success. As with real estate, buying and selling Internet real estate also requires a bit of luck and skill.
About the Author: Bridget Sandorford is a freelance food and culinary writer, where recently she’s been researching Miami culinary arts school
In her spare time, she enjoys biking, painting and working on her first cookbook.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Small business owners looking to achieve success in their marketing efforts, increase sales and boost their bottom line need to seriously consider utilizing effective online marketing strategies. With technological advancements, the conventional marketing methods are no more being used by businesses. Instead most of them have now turned over to Internet-based marketing techniques to promote their business.

Business owners looking to get well connected with new and existing customers need to utilize effective online marketing strategies.  
Here are a few simple internet marketing ideas to help small business owners boost their bottom line and achieve success.

Recognizing Your Target Market – Key to Creating a Successful Online Marketing Plan
One of the best ways to reach out to a large number of people, who may be interested in your products and services, is by exploring innumerable marketing channels. Prior to exploring various marketing channels, it is vital to recognize channels your target market uses regularly. Whether your target market is utilizing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or search engines, you will have to find out details about the right platform in order to attract customers to your business.

Offering Appealing, Appropriate Content – Vital to Help Build Your Business Reputation
The key benefit of renewing your website content is that it helps boost your search optimization results. Search engines these days have a preference for fresh, appealing and relevant content. So by keeping your company’s website content and blog posts updated you will be able to easily build your business reputation.

When updating your business website content, it is vital to ensure that the content you offer is unique and useful. Content should be worth reading and interesting to the target audience who later get transformed into your customers. Keep in mind your business goals before offering relevant content so that your website ranks as high as possible on search engines.

Make the Most of Online Business Directories
Small businesses looking to emerge successful must take the advantage of online business directories. Some of the local business directories do not involve any expense and are available for free. The key advantages of getting your business listed on local business directories is that it helps give a major boost to your website visitors which in turn enhances your businesses bottom line. Apart from Yahoo! Local, Super Pages and Yelp, you can even get your business listed in Australian business directory.
Besides these marketing strategies, small businesses need to adopt smart social media marketing and e-mail marketing strategies to emerge successful. Utilize these marketing strategies and see your business grow incredibly. 

Author Bio: Ella Rich is an advertizing expert with specific knowledge in business development, internet marketing and market optimization.  It is important to get business the right exposure and that is why Ella has been exploring a lot about potentials of online business directories like My Business Central.  She believes that business directories have great possibilities for businesses to grow.