Monday, 19 December 2016

Why Social Networks are the Keys to Good Networking

Today, everything exhibits partial or complete dependency on the Internet. May it be E-commerce websites, marketing or social networking-Internet plays a vital role in fulfillment of these activities. Many people consider social networks an inseparable part of their lives and know how to make effective use of them. For example, many people are of the idea that usage of these networks is only confined to teenagers, which is not true in any case. Many successful organizations are making brilliant use of social forums to enhance their online presence and benefit from a good network of followers and other corporate opportunities.

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Social networks are the key to good networking, as they not only keep you updated with latest news and trends but also allow you to interact with people from all over the world. Staying in touch with people from all over the globe increases your chance of better career opportunities and gives people insights to foreign markets as well. The five following points portray the importance of social networks in modern way of living:

  1. Staying up to date just with your smart phone: When it comes to catching up with national and global events, newspapers have become an unfavorable choice for many. The world is advancing with speed of an avalanche and people are short of time. Where the majority prefers reading news feed from social networks for updates, the newspaper audience uses tablets and mobile devices to access news. Also these forums allow you to share news with your online community before anyone gets to know it from any other electronic or digital source. Twitter for example enables you to follow any source and contribute to the existing information.
  2. No boundaries for businesses: Thanks to technology that space is no longer an obstacle when it comes to running business from multiple locations. Skype, Google and Facebook messenger provides the opportunity of conducting Audio and Video-conferences and hence many meetings take place online. Not only do these social networks help in virtual meetings but also in sharing experiences with employees from the headquarters or other branches. Connecting online is much easier to approach others for suggestions, ideas and advices as it is less time consuming and more cost effective.
  3. Online marketing: Long gone are the times when newspaper and TV were the only options to advertise your business or cause. Social networks like Facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest are platforms that serve as a free advertising tools for promotions of products and services. There are numerous examples of companies that started with a Facebook page that promoted their offerings and soon they were popular globally and later invested in physical establishments. The concept of online marketing was ignited by the huge response from the users of these social media applications. The trend is escalating with reference to product sellers and service providers belonging to hybrid industries. Their prime focus is to strengthen social networking in order to flourish their businesses.
  4. Career development: Linkedin is indeed the answer to all those who question the usefulness of social networking with regards to career development. It is indeed a very strong and useful social site for the business community. Not only candidates looking for suitable jobs are benefitted from this source but headhunters come across brilliant options that are a perfect match for their organizations. It is a great option to share success stories, connect with people sharing similar expertise and seek advice form seniors and consultants. However It is essential to build useful connections that belong to a persons field of interest and can help in future regarding job search.
  5. Solutions to problems: Another major perk of a large online network is the heap of solutions one is rewarded with every time a problem occurs. You are stuck with a mobile that goes dead after every five minutes, you post the issue on your Social network sites and whoops, Hundreds of answers pop up just in minutes. This is what a good and useful online community is. Even if you sift through search engines for options they can never out-do the personal experiences that people share with you. And so it happens in the case vice-versa, when a friend needs some help over an issue that you have been through in past, you can easily chip in your input and enjoy some favor returns in future.

So, the benefits of networking through social media platforms are endless. It just gets better and better if one knows how to share the most useful information, provide and seek opportunities, and take active part in discussions that add up to the pool of knowledge on the whole!

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Monday, 17 October 2016

The Best Way to Make Money with Mobile Apps

The app industry is growing at rapid pace. The app experts predicate that app popularity will increase with upcoming age. With the billions of apps available in app store., it has been challenging keep stable position in the race to generates significant income.
The striking 10 methods will help you to monetize your mobile app.
1.Do More Work for Mobile Promotion
Make monetize with the apps, you should make your audience aware of the mobile application. You run campaign on the social media Facebook and twitter; grab the attention audience for more mobile application installs. You can set your target according to the business marketing budget, audience etc. Many internet marketers and business owner have attained effective results by using this approach.
2. Increase your Email subscribers
The misconception that emails marketing is dead. It does not work shouldn't deter you. Email marketing contributes the largest factor to 25 % of sales driven by different email marketing channels. The usage of the Email is one of the top channels for delivering marketing messages.
The newsletter must design informative and promotional and push it to users. It produces revenue to your mobile app.
3. GET Email Pop Work
The email pop work effectively to get the email address to attract the attention of the customer you can send promotional offers and thanks greeting for subscribing. This interaction enhances the relation between you and your customers can boost the app engagement.
4. Make a Follow-Up System for Your Mobile App
You must follow- up in sequence your market & targeted customers, in this way, you get familiar who is right customer for your product. You can easily approach customer, easily send various email that describes your app and its functionality.
5. Sign Up for Different Advertising Networks
You are missing a big chance to monetize your app when you are not using advertising in the app. There are several display ad networks that pay well for showing their ads in your Smartphone apps. These networks support multiple mobile OS platforms such as windows, android, ions. They also support multiple others advertising formats like Banner, Smart Banner, Interstitial, Search; Table etc. The mobile app is the powerful way to advertising.
6. SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing plays an integral part of app strategy monetary in which you require only customer’s mobile numbers. In SMS marketing, you stay in touch with your customers on timely manner. You can provide information about the new products, offers, and release via SMS customer feedback and produce brand image.
7. Strong Content Strategy
It is one of the strong and effective methods to strengthen your brand because it brings app users back to your mobile app.  You must have robust content strategy in which get vision user needs & business goals simultaneously. In content strategy, you can send app updates, reminders, promotional offers and contests. If you are running the blogs, you can inform the user via your mobile app. That is an effective and easy way to engage users with your phone app.
8. Multiple Payment Procedures
The mobile apps provide payment option to users like in the case of buy mobile apps you have to provide payments options to users like purchase the app, So you can provide payment options without annoyance.
9. White Label your code
White label is effective and easy technique to earn money without ads. If you have awesome Smartphone application, you use your source code to other mobile app developers. This is called white labeling a source code in which you can sell your code to other Smartphone app developers so they can use it and build a similar mobile app like you have built.
10. Take Help of other Monetization Channels
You can also take help of monetization channel such as e-commerce. There are almost 7,000 app developers in 127 countries that agrees that e-Commerce is the best mobile app monetization strategy.
There are so many ways of monetizing your mobile application but these tips are more easy and effective. Your customer is highly involved in the app for a long time then you would earn significant amount of money through your mobile app.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Teachers must use new and innovative technology-based tools, devices and system in the classroom. But usually teachers are very busy persons and it is also expected that some teachers are not too fond of computers. In this article, I will present 6 better ways to bring your classroom up-to-date by the use of advanced technology.
  1. Teachers Can Use Technology As A Topic For A Writing Assignment
Yes, teachers can use technology as a topic for a writing assignment. For students who are younger, teacher can assign students a “how-to” type paper on using technology. It will be very natural fit because typically younger students have a greater level of comfort with advanced technology than many adults. Similarly, the teacher can tell children to write a piece in which they instruct someone, such as a grandparent, on ways to send an email, for example. For children who are older, the teacher can tell them to do research on the impact of technology on a specific period in any subject like history.
  1. Develop a Class Webpage
In a class webpage, the teacher can post important announcements in the forms of texts, class photos, blog, downloadable materials, etc. Teachers can also enjoy and benefit from a website ‘’ because it offers premium service packages at free of cost.
  1. Use Grading System Online
There are some school establishments allowing the shift to grade-books based on web, and thus you don’t need wait for trying one out. The teacher can use grading system online by using a site ‘’, which provides the greatest opportunity: to track grades; to maintain attendance and seating charts by recording them; and to develop reports on overall progress and performance of each student. Through this way, the teacher can also send direct email to students and their parents/guardians to let them to observe their updated grades.
  1. Create A Class Blog
A class blog just like wiki is indeed one of the best approaches to integrate advanced technology into the classroom environment in order to develop and improve knowledge of students. It has been seen that blogs are used by some teachers to continue discussion even after the end of the class. This approach is very supportive for students whose motivation level is high but they short on class time.
  1. Give Multimedia Presentations
Multimedia presentation is indeed an excellent way. Present your traditional lecture or any lesson material on a PowerPoint presentation slide that integrates images, photographs, tables, charts and diagrams, along with videos. If you are a teacher teaching in a high school, you need to consider having your learners create presentations as a review tool earlier than semester tests or exams. Work done by your students may be quite excellent that you will want to use it in future classes.
  1. Develop a Podcast
Numerous podcasts are available online. The teachers can easily get one that effectively meets the needs of students. Podcast is use by some colleges or universities in which they offer lectures of their professors. Moreover, as a teacher you may be capable of finding supplemental materials. The teachers simply need to make some arrangements to download such materials and play it for learners in the classroom. Teachers can also allow their students to develop their own podcasts to successfully document their overall performance and or express and discuss their concepts on any academic related or course related matter.

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Rose Alvin is a Project Manager in UK Based writing firm which provide to the students. Rose Alvin completed her master in business administration and writing her experience from four years.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


In this article I am going to highlight and discuss the importance of the in-depth research work in assignment writing projects. Once you have read this piece of work you will find out how important a thorough research work is and what pivotal role does it contribute in crafting a good assignment.
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In-depth Research Work Makes an Assignment Authentic
Doing in-depth research work is highly crucial to produce a well-researched assignment paper because research makes an assignment highly authentic, reliable and professional. In-depth research is not only performed for the academic writing projects, such assignment, research papers, dissertations, etc., but you can also do research before making a feature film. Comprehensive research is very important to do in almost every field. One of the considerable advantages of doing research in academia is that this approach really assists you in exploring and finding the most authentic and original information that really make an assignment reliable and engaging. Every student integrates common things in terms of arguments in assignments but if you integrate something authentic and new as well as very different, this approach will make your paper highly unique and it means that you produce a quality work. And all these can be done by doing in-depth research work on your assigned topic.
High Authenticity
In-depth research also assists you in making your assignment highly authentic and reliable. In fact, authenticity enhances the overall quality of the paper as original and unique content is always a basic requirement in academia. If you integrate unauthentic and unreliable content in your paper, this approach can really damage your assignment and ultimately negatively affect its quality and your overall academic session. So, if you wish to get your desired marks in your assignment you need to do research and find authentic data to integrate in your paper. In fact, research has the potential to make a paper engaging and impressive. Keep in your mind that an in-depth research work is equally proportional to a paper’s authenticity.
Highly Informative
In-depth research work also has the potential to make an assignment highly informative. If you have been assigned a topic and you are required to produce an informational assignment, you first need to do a thorough research work before writing work so that you can easily explore the topic and find all the relevant information. If you collect bulk of information on a topic, there is no problem in accumulating extra data. Simply read through the data you have collected and extract the relevant information. In-depth research work is highly recommended by all researchers for preparing assignments. An informative assignment must be based rock-solid evidence, and avoid adding your own ideas and thoughts in your paper until and unless you are unsure regarding it. One more thing, research based papers are typically objective in nature rather than subjective.
Promotional Assignments
Although in-depth research work is very important for preparing an informative assignment, it is equally imperative for preparation of promotional assignments. To produce a good promotional assignment, you need to develop your knowledge how to craft it by adding promotional wordings and strategies, etc., and this is only possible when you do research. It has been found that the research-based promotional assignments have proven to be quite successful and remarkable than other types of assignment writing.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to get your personal loan approved

Personal loan is one of the many loans available to any bank and financial institution that a borrower can apply to. Loan involves borrowing a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest. There are also different types of loans depending on the borrower's reasons and needs such as salary or pay-day loans, mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, etc. When borrowing money, it is important to know what are the available options for you to assess your capacity to pay.

Personal loan is a loan that is used for any personal expense. Unlike the other types of loans, a personal loan does not have any particular or specific purpose. You can apply and use it for whatever reasons you desire.

Anyone who generates a steady income is qualified to apply for a personal loan as long as they can submit a proof that they have an existent income source. Those who are employed, self-employed, freelancers or even business owners can apply for it.  

Approval of personal loans is not that easy. Creditors are more strict and interested in knowing the borrower even more. On top of the borrower’s income, there are also other things that are needed to qualify for a personal loan.

Below are the things you need to know in order for you to get your personal loan application approved.

1. Complete requirements
All banks and financial institutions require some documents that are needed for the application of a personal loan. Aside from the form that you need to fill out, there are also documents that they will demand for you to pass such as IDs, pay slip, etc. Below are the required documents needed depending on the borrower’s occupation:
For employed/ Professionals:
ID or identification card with photo that is issued by the government such as Driver’s license, passport, TIN, PRC, etc.)
Latest pay slip

For Self-employed
ID or identification card with photo that is issued by the government, such as driver’s license, passport, TIN, PRC, etc.)
Audited financial statements
Latest Income Tax Return
DTI Business permit or SEC registration

Remember that incomplete submission of requirements leads to termination of your application. The effort of submitting complete requirements reflect the personality, especially the sense of responsibility the borrower has in paying back his debts.

2. Profile
Creditors will allow borrowers to fill out a form that requires personal information. Loan application is always subject for investigation, so make sure to put only true and real information regarding your profile. It is important for them to know the borrower's address, office address, contact number, etc.

3. Credit History
It is important to have a clean and excellent credit history. If you have a previous loan that you have already fully paid, it can increase the probability of your loan application approval. However, bad credit records can also decrease the probability of getting your loan application approved, and worse it can lead to its termination.  

4. Cash flow
When borrowing money, assess your capacity to pay; that is, apply for a loan with the amount that is realistic. Only apply for the amount that you can afford to pay. Always check your cash flow and assess how much you can afford. Remember that resorting to a loan is not always advisable, but with good planning, control and discipline, it is absolutely helpful when you need immediate cash.

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

How Has Supply Chain Improved Due To Advancements In Technology?

Technology is used in many organizations for making significant improvements in the supply chain system and thus increasing its efficiency.
A complete supply chain begins where the product is manufactured to the point when it is present in the hands of the consumers. Previously, there were two methods of supply chain used in the business world, the push and the pull method. These two strategies of the supply chain are very different from one another, however, neither of them was a good option. Since there was a need for something more than these two strategies, technology was used for the purpose that eventually resulted in significant improvements in the supply chain system.
Technological Advancements As An Aid To Supply Chain System
Following are some of the major advantages of inducing technology in developing the supply chain system.
Availability Of Barcode Scanners
One of the ways through which technology has improved the overall supply chain system is through the availability of the barcode scanning system. The barcode scanners improve the total efficiency of the inventory management and eventually order fulfillment process also becomes well-organized. Previously, all inventory items were counted by hand and matched to the inventory,however, now it is not needed. Various errors were made prior to the introduction and implementation of barcode system. Many stocks were found in the wrong place, particularly because of the similar size. Eventually wrong items were packed together, which resulted in money and time costs. All the errors because of manual operations do not occur anymore consequently improving the overall supply chain system.
Tracking Of Packages Being Delivered
Tracking of products and packages to know where they are present in the supply chain helps in many different ways. If the retailer accurately knows where the products are, it is easier for them to have knowledge as to when the products will reach him. Similarly, service departments also benefit as they can schedule the maintenance accordingly, thus reducing the waiting time of customers. Businesses benefit greatly due to automated shipping as they can efficiently meet deadlines, reduce operational costs and much more!
Efficient Quality Control System
It’s due to technology that now it is easier and quicker to keep quality control check as well as to report if there is a problem in a product. Following are some of the vital information that a barcode keeps track of:
  • Identification and serial numbers of the product
  • Location of the product once it is dispatched
If a defect is found in any product, it is easy to track it through the above information and the batch can be reviewed for quality control purposes. The affected units of a particular batch can be identified and removed very easily due to the use of barcodes. Other purpose of using barcode includes recording the destination of the product to ensure quality throughout the supply chain process.
Undoubtedly, technology has made drastic changes in business operations and has helped the business work effectively and efficiently. Today there is a new meaning to supply chain due to technological implications. It is easier for manufacturers to track their products and maintain the highest quality and record accurate information of millions of items!
Author Bio:
Arabella Alice is a supply chain consultant in one of the reputed manufacturing organizations. She is also specialized in Information Technology and has spent more than 15 years of her career in the industrial sector looking at the supply chain operations of the company. She also contributes articles regarding business and technology at You can find her on Facebook and Linkedin.