Saturday, 30 June 2012

What are the tricks to get unsecured personal loan at affordable interest rate?

In case of an unsecured personal loan, the borrowers are not required to provide security deposit against the loan. Unlike secured loan, the borrowers are not exposed to the risk of losing their valuable assets if they default on their payment. Generally, the interest on the unsecured personal loan is high as there is high risk associated with lending money to a borrower without collateral. You might be wondering whether lowest personal loan rates are possible. So here are a few effective ways to get unsecured personal loan at affordable interest rate.

1. If you are planning to get an unsecured personal loan at affordable interest rate then make sure that you maintain a good credit score. Maintaining a good financial report will help you get an unsecured loan at lower interest rate. The creditor might check your credit report before approving your loan application. The lenders will consider you high risk borrower if you have low credit score along with poor credit report. In this situation, your application for low interest personal loan might not be approved.

2. Try to apply for unsecured personal loan at the bank where you have opened your savings account. If you have maintained good credit report then some banks offer preferential treatment for their existing customers. 

3. Check different websites of the banks in your area and compare the rates offered by various banks. If you shop around for loan rates then you might be luck enough to get lower rates on unsecured personal loan. There might be online lenders who might be willing to offer loan on lower rates to borrowers with good credit report.

4. If you do not have good credit score then get a co signer with a good credit history. Once your kin signs on your behalf, your rate of interest on the loan will be determined on the basis of his credit report. The creditor will provide you loan on the basis of his credit report, therefore if you default on your payment your co-signer's credit will be blemished.

5. You can negotiate with the bank manager to lower the interest rate on your unsecured personal loan. It will be easier to convince the manager to lower the interest if you provide evidence that you exercise financial discipline and maintain a good credit history.

6. You can approach your friends or family to give you loan. Your relatives or close friends might not even charge interest on the loan amount. If you have poor credit score then approaching your relatives for loan can be a good solution to your problem. Therefore, these are six effective ways to get loan on affordable interest rate that will help you avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Monday, 18 June 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Marketing Your Site or Product on Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the next big thing in social media marketing that has taken the web world by storm. It is the latest addition to the bandwagon of online marketing platforms, and is showing a considerable degree of promise for the future. Pinterest is different from conventional social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because of its use of photos, video and real time images as marketing content instead of text. With thousands of clicks and hundreds of shares every minute, Pinterest is on its way to revolutionize the world of social media marketing. How Can You Use Pinterest to Give Leverage to Your Business By using Pinterest you can provide your business or website the required amount of oomph and boost to your business and make it more accessible and interesting to the general clientele. Pinterest lets the user “pin” images to a board and create a story or slide show of their interest. Hence you can use your virtual billboard to pin images, links and client photos and give a more visual and aesthetic appeal to your business.

1. Social Media Marketing Free of Charge Pinterest gives you the liberty to create a virtual digital bulletin board where you can advertise and sell your product to thousands of viewers around the globe. As you can regularly stay in touch with your clients, you can post notifications, latest offers and discount offers on your board to entice more and more customers towards your product. The tags on your photos make your product easier to be searched and displayed on search engines.

2. User Friendly and Eye Catching The user of pictures and attractive images enhances the marketing of the product more than written content and makes navigation and selection easier for the customer. You can not only post images, but also share videos of your site or product and make the experience engaging and helpful for the buyer.

3. A Visual Link to Your Business You can provide links to your website and any other helpful resources by adding them as tags below the images and give a classic visual link to your website free of cost.

4. Create Customer and Client Portfolios You can not only post photos for your business ventures and products yourself, but also invite clients and customers to give their feedback in the form of images or video messages. This creates an enhanced network of images and comments for your product and this portfolio enhances the appeal of your business to a large extent.

5. Growing Popularity amongst the Masses Although Pinterest is a relatively new website to hit the web, its popularity is steadily rising and growing with each passing day. With more and more people turning to the newest hot cake in the social media bandwagon, the time is ripe to start marketing your product on Pinterest today and tell your story through your pictures!

Author Bio: Richard is a Magento Sydney developer, who specializes in eCommerce and social media. Richard is an active blogger and forum contributor too.
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Sunkanmi Afolabi

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


We can help you buy car's at a cheap rate, even if you are anywhere in Nigeria.
Welcome to SKYTEX BIDDER- safe place to buy cheap car's. Let us know
the type of vehicle you want, but don't know how to buy it at cheap
rate. Your personalized SKXTEX Bidder will save you 50% off the market
price. How does it work, you tell us what type of car you want, we
give you the price , then you tell us how much you will buy from us.
Simple!!! How do I register?

1. Registration is free
2. Tell us the vehicle you want to purchase
3. You will be require to make 30% security deposit of total price of the vehicle.
The security deposit is deducted from the total sales.
4. SKYTEX Bidder will buy on your behalf at auction up to the amount you offer
5. You will receive a notification of the auction invoice to your email after payment of
security deposit so you can verify the purchase price of the vehicle.

We deliver your car at any destination of your choice anywere in
Nigeria, also we are  a trusted leader in the industry as our
experience speaks for itself. You just send us a mail listing the type
of car you want and then we respond to you immediately.
For more details contact Mr. Obi on 08187243603
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Sunkanmi Afolabi

Friday, 8 June 2012

Common Reasons for Re-Branding and the Risks It Entails

What is Re-Branding? 
The marketing term “re-branding” involves a radical makeover of an existing brand, product etc., especially one which has failed to meet the marketing results desired by the business. In the re-branding process, the existing product or brand is essentially reinvented as a majority of its features and characteristics are comprehensively redesigned such as its name, image, term, symbol, design etc. After the product has been successfully reinvented, it is reintroduced into the market with the aim of encouraging renewed favorable sentiment for the product among customers and stakeholders. Therefore, re-branding essentially entails reinvention, redesign and reintroduction of an existing brand to increase its profitability and marketability.

In 2003, Lego axed all its sub-brands by extensively re-branding its entire product range with the introduction of a new slogan to reiterate what the brand represents. When do companies adopt a re-branding strategy and why? If a company already owns a successful brand that is established well in the market and is also highly profitable, why would it possibly want to re-brand it? There are several reasons why the thought may appeal to a business but the most common is related to the product’s life cycle. Theoretically, all brands have a certain life-cycle and gradual aging causes them to lose their appeal and originality in the market. As a result, businesses attempt to reinvent and redesign a successful brand in a bid to retain the market share that the aged brand secured.

Other common reasons for adopting a re-branding strategy are:
 * Fixing the company’s damaged reputation 
* Increasing brand recognition in the market 
* Reflecting New Management 
* Forced post-bankruptcy re-branding 

Does Re-Branding entail inherent risks? 
To give the answer in one word - yes. Re-branding is not always a profitable venture to embark upon and many businesses have learned this lesson the hard way. Re-branding demands meticulous research and thorough planning along with tremendous amount of monetary funding. And yet, a positive outcome is not always guaranteed since it depends on just too many external factors. This makes re-branding a highly risky endeavor as financing it can cause a business to go bankrupt. Therefore, it should be attempted only by businesses that have a diversified portfolio of successful products and services to be able to sustain possible failure. Even with meticulous planning and thorough research, re-branding has a propensity to cause as much damage to a business as it promises success. Customers identify a brand by its prominent features and characteristics. In such cases, re-branding can cause a horde of brand recognition problems for an already established and popular brand. This is because existing customers could infer that the business has shut down operations, has gone bankrupt or changed their product line.

Author Bio: Tim has been working as a branding consulting specializing in promotional metal pens and merchandise. Over the last 3 years, Tim has also been an active blogger in the field of marketing and small business promotion.
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Sunkanmi Afolabi