Monday, 18 June 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Marketing Your Site or Product on Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the next big thing in social media marketing that has taken the web world by storm. It is the latest addition to the bandwagon of online marketing platforms, and is showing a considerable degree of promise for the future. Pinterest is different from conventional social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because of its use of photos, video and real time images as marketing content instead of text. With thousands of clicks and hundreds of shares every minute, Pinterest is on its way to revolutionize the world of social media marketing. How Can You Use Pinterest to Give Leverage to Your Business By using Pinterest you can provide your business or website the required amount of oomph and boost to your business and make it more accessible and interesting to the general clientele. Pinterest lets the user “pin” images to a board and create a story or slide show of their interest. Hence you can use your virtual billboard to pin images, links and client photos and give a more visual and aesthetic appeal to your business.

1. Social Media Marketing Free of Charge Pinterest gives you the liberty to create a virtual digital bulletin board where you can advertise and sell your product to thousands of viewers around the globe. As you can regularly stay in touch with your clients, you can post notifications, latest offers and discount offers on your board to entice more and more customers towards your product. The tags on your photos make your product easier to be searched and displayed on search engines.

2. User Friendly and Eye Catching The user of pictures and attractive images enhances the marketing of the product more than written content and makes navigation and selection easier for the customer. You can not only post images, but also share videos of your site or product and make the experience engaging and helpful for the buyer.

3. A Visual Link to Your Business You can provide links to your website and any other helpful resources by adding them as tags below the images and give a classic visual link to your website free of cost.

4. Create Customer and Client Portfolios You can not only post photos for your business ventures and products yourself, but also invite clients and customers to give their feedback in the form of images or video messages. This creates an enhanced network of images and comments for your product and this portfolio enhances the appeal of your business to a large extent.

5. Growing Popularity amongst the Masses Although Pinterest is a relatively new website to hit the web, its popularity is steadily rising and growing with each passing day. With more and more people turning to the newest hot cake in the social media bandwagon, the time is ripe to start marketing your product on Pinterest today and tell your story through your pictures!

Author Bio: Richard is a Magento Sydney developer, who specializes in eCommerce and social media. Richard is an active blogger and forum contributor too.
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