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getting unlimited article for your blog
Today i am going to share with you how to write your BLOG first post. But if you are new or want to learn how to start a blog click here. Blogging is the act of writing articles and publishing article in a Blog or Weblog for readers to read, comment, share ideas and so on. Blogging is all about giving out useful tips that can have a positive effect on your readers present or may be past situations. Blogging in most case focuses on a specific Niche examples ; Love, money, parenting, health matters, business, travelling, food and so on. we can easily refer to blog as a means of helping others in providing useful information.
Setting up a blog can be very easy, if you dont know to click here. As a beginner you are advice to start with free blog hosts e.g blogger.com or wordpress.com, These are two popular free blog hosting sites, you can easily build your own blog without paying a dime. like this my BLOG you are reading now is hosted on a free blog hosting platform. using a webhost companies is a suitable idea for serious and professional bloggers who wants to make a living income online through blogging or want to have a reputable name as a blogger in this our WWW.COM
                            Four steps that will lead to a Live Blog
1. Register your domain name
2. Host your blog
3. Build your blog
4. make your first post
      Steps 1,2 and 3 is here i've talked about in my previous post , if you are a regular reader you migh have read it if not subscribe to this blog using the subscribe by email box in the side bar

                                            Writing your blog first post
Now that your blog is ready the first that comes to you is what would i post? since blogging is all about Niche marketing, putting down contents about a specific Niche. for example if you choose to writ on "TRAINING A DOG" that shows you oare building your blog with a Dog training contents.


      This might sound easy but not so easy, writing your self shows that you have a wide experience in a particular Niche for example i talked "DOG TRAINING" writing about how to train a Dog shows that you can write a lot about this dog training stuff, may be you even training Dogs as a professional. this will be easier for you write something good about training DOG TRAINING.
     A brief Tips;
Ask yourself (what are the steps needed to train a Dog?) 
write these steps some where Pick it one after the other, introduce briefly in step 1, and write what you would do in each steps when you traing Dogs or when your Dog trainers trained your dog
 combine these steps together turn it to a note or article you can split into many parts, to have more articles , editing your write up can be necessary, make it straight to the point so your reader can get the details of what you are talking about and exactly the way they want it. using this tricks make your post original and 100% legal. 
Al tho many bloggers misuse this good opportunity of getting article ready for blogs, why? Because many would prefer to copy post the way the original author wrote it.This is an illegal way of writing blog post. What Do You do? Simple as ABC, re write to make it as your original article.
follow below method
Go to clickbank and amazon market places
enter in your niche keywords (like "DOG TRAINING") and take a note of the products at the top search result, those are the best sellers. then look the sales page or the table of contents of these products to get idea for specific articles. You can get at least one article idea or more for every sales page bullet point or for every chapter listed in the table of content
Use keyword tools: Enter keywords (like "dog training") into a keyword tool like google's keyword tool. Then look for keywords like articles, tips, how to and so on 
   These words will let you know what kind of information your market is actively searching for in the search engines. 
Browse niche forums and blogs: You can find these sites by entering your keyword in google, yahoo along side with search terms like forum, discussion, blog  for example "DOG training blog" browse and look for hot topics, on forums/blogs, these are topics that has a lot of discussion or blog with regular active readers.
   Either way, viewing forums and blogs to see whats being discussed should give you several article ideas. you can even take a major topic you see and and break it into series of articles. finally which ever way you use Just make sure you re write in your own perspective, please and please dont copy the way the author wrote it. make sure you review, rebrand as your original content.

    Yes it is a good way of coming up with different articles for your blog , but i havent try this method , i prefer to use 1 and 2 but i know this method works .
online as a get coders they write articles for people who needs one at a particular moment for their blogs. though they charge some certain amount of money it all depends on type of article, length of the words and so on. some woul even write for free at first instance dealing business with you, to employ one today check any of the below websites, you will definitely find a good writer. or freelancer
i know the above tips will help you to start writing articles for your site 
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