Wednesday, 18 April 2012

HOW TO START A BLOG all you need to know

Starting a blog can be very easy. some steps and important tips should be followed. freshers can hold on to free webhosting platform like this blog you are reading is hosted on free hosting platform called blogger. we have the two popular ones Blogger and, you can opt for anyone that suite you. The good part of using these hosting accounts is your blog will be hosted for free, and if at the end of the day you were not able to achieve what you are to gain from blogging then you can bodily say, you have got nothing to loose since you are on free webhosting . your blog domain would be customized like mine Just an example how it looks,
   It is also good for you to practise few weeks even month sometimes year+ with free blog hosting, if at the end of your blogging profession is guaranteed then you can venture to real blog hosting.
     Here you need to invest little cash to do the following:
1. Buy a Domain
2. Buy a webhost
3. Install your blog software
4. customise your blog
5. make your first post
    Now lets take it one after the other.
What is a Domain?
With simple definition( A domain name is the combination of Alphabets or numbers that you type into your browser to open the door of a particular website/blog. for example is the domain of this blog. when you type this in your browser and send it brings you to my home page.

How to register a Domain?
Web host companies will register it and pay for the name, i mean domain name for free when you register with them,while some will ask you to pay some amount. But i personally used Domain registrars during my blog reistration, why? Because you will be assure that your domain is register and this will give you a guarantee of monitoring your domain as the real owner.
Below are popular ones to us:
1. godaddy
2. namecheap
3. register
 you can search the rest on Google

                                                   WEB HOST
What is a web host?
Web host is where your blog or websites lives, when you register a domain, your blog or website software and contents, Your webhost will house these for you and send your blog or website for people to locate anywhere in the world. We have lot of webhosting companies but you can choose those that offers quality hosting package for the site or blog you want to build, and sometimes check the charges
Try the following companies:
1. Fat cow
2. hosgator
                                      INSTALL YOUR BLOG SOFTWARE
I use wordpress and thats the best blog software you can find on the net, may be we can have good ones in the future but for now wordpress is the best.
How do you choose wordpress for your blog?
Go to your webhost account, find wordpress, then install, log into control pane to customize the look of your blog or website, add new post for new post, change appearance,
always customize to suite your own way , do it best.
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