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A guy once asked me how to shop abroad online here in Nigeria. I replied him with one of my blog Tutorial post “How to shop abroad right here in Nigeria part 1
Today’s tutorial is all about selling fairly used or refurbished laptop in Nigeria.

                              ABOUT START UP CAPITAL
Now that you have chosen to start selling refurbished or fairly used laptop. The first thing that comes to your mind is how much you would need to set up your own laptop market. But before you jump into capital decision, why not take a good look on necessary or important things needed for your business to kick off, by this you will be able to decide quickly on amount needed for each requirement. E.g
1. shop(you should decide if you are going to rent a shop, buy a space or may be you going to stock your product at home)
2. Location (you have to decide on location, which I believe would require transportation fees, shipping bills and so on).
3. Product Type (You should also decide on the laptop you want to sell, to make your business unique just limit your product type to not more than 3 types).
4. Tax (Do you need to pay any Tax , How much is the clearing charges? You should decide on this)
5. Marketing secret (you should decide if you will market it in a traditional market i.e just open your shop and display your laptop to buyers. Also decide if you will apply some marketing tools to boost your sales such as online marketing, advert on news paper, bill board, hand bill, poster and radio advert).
6. Quantity (decide on the pieces of laptop in your first order)

If you can follow the above mentioned tips then you should be able to calculate your needed capital. But for small laptop shop just budget #500,000 to #1,000,000. Remember I am talking about refurbished and fairly used pc and laptop.

                                                          YOUR LOCATION
Location helps this type of business, No thought that Lagos is still the best place to be or other civilized area if you are investing into this kind of business.
You also need to decide if you will pick up your own stand at a place like computer trade centre a good example is our popular Lagos computer village. You can get a mini shop, open shop, just a stand, full shop, ware house and so on, it depends on how big or small you want your business to be.
                                         YOUR AUCTION SITE
Decide on which country you want to buy from, you can choose from the popular ones i.e USA, UK, CHINA and JAPAN. Permit me to tell you that the best country to deal with when it comes to buying quality computer and laptop online is USA and when you are looking for a place to buy the cheapest Laptop just head straight to CHINA.

For every non USA citizens just head straight to AMAZONsearch for your product as illustrated below.
 E.g hp laptop then search, hence you will notice series of product with different specification and worth as shown above, here you can choose to buy new, buy refurbished or buy used. Pick your product, pay for it with any globalize credit card, master card. Ask your local bank for this card, if you are a Nigeria fellow like me use zenith websurfer, zenith debit buxz or gtb dollar master card, we have other good ones please ask your bank officials.
Next is
To receive your product from amazon as a Non USA resident you need a USA address, you can get the USA address of your relative living in USA or use a website called, this site will provide you a USA address as a non resident where you can easily forward any of your amazon product to address provided by To register for a USA address log on to register for free and go for the subscription package that suite you best, note you can choose standard package $6.99/month or $60/year.
*order you laptop on amazon, try to order in bulk like 5 pieces in other to minimize your shipping bills, send your product to USA address provided by, when your product gets there will notify you.
*It is time to forward your product from to Nigeria, you are to pay for shipping bills, will calculate the bill according to the weight, size and quantity of your product, also your product will be forwarded to your resident address or office address here in Nigeria through DHL, it takes 3 to 7 days, it depends on the package you have chosen.
*When dealing with amazon, just use a dollar dominated credit card and don’t worry your self about paypal, inshort if your country is not listed among the countries accepted by paypal just stay away from dealing with them.

I once dealt with one of the largest e commerce site in CHINA; my experience with them was good, though with carefulness. So here is not like amazon oooo, you must shine your eyes very well before jumping into the pot of scammers. There are lots of merchants on each promising the cheapest and a ridiculous price for their products.
*Don’t buy from substandard merchants, deal with at least Gold suppliers
*When you want to pay for your product pay through escrow. Escrow stand as a third party bank between you as a buyer and seller. When you pay, escrow will receive the money on behalf of supplier and when you receive your product escrow will then pay your supplier. I think that’s clear enough.

You can search for your laptop using the search box, plus the combination of keyword, make sure you read product information very well so that you wont order a substandard laptop especially those CHINALLY made laptop that are very cheap. Did I just said “CHINALLY MADE” lols but that’s the truth.
Your supplier shall send your package through fedex or DHL. You can pick your product up same way as that of amazon. That’s clear.

  1. If you know you knew nothing about fixing laptop problems easily, please don’t bother to order for used ones Just order refurbished. Note used laptops sometime might be faulty that you will need extra money to repair it, that’s another capital for you. But if you are a laptop engineer then you are good to order any type you like. So either way chooses wisely, that’s all.
  2. for example a refurbished laptop on amazon or aliexpress could cost as low as $250 to $300, compare to knew $500 above. If you exchange the currency figure to our naira its around #40,000 per refurbished, now let assume $50 shipping bills from and $50 from Aliexpress, please note am talking just a piece of laptop not in bulk, bulk shipping are calculated on quantity , weight but if you ship in bulk there is going to be a discount in your bill I am very sure of that.
If you ship through DHL, but please make sure you register with DHL as a real customer to avoid any future embracement of law enforcement agency, Nigeria is so corrupt especially our officers, pardon me for that. Let assume that our total cost is now #48,000 you can resale #55,000 or more, you just have a #7000 return on your capital, let assume you order like 10 pieces that’s #70,000, the more you buy the more your profit maximize, so on any capital calculate your profit before order.
  1. how do you market your product for quick sales and profit.
  1. bit down your price but calculate profit, be wise.
  2. Apply Extra Advertising tools.
You can choose from or combine all.
    1. news paper advert (complete sport is a good target cost #7500 per classified advert)
    2. online advertisement(you can build a website if you have many laptops in stock just like simple ecommerce site, so your customer would already known what the product you are selling is all about, before they start calling you to order, you can also use free classified advert website like dealfish, trade stable. Also register on Nigeria big forums like nairaland, nigeriabestforum and so on. If you have knowledge about facebook marketing secrets its also a good tools to advertise your product quick click here to read about facebook marketing secret.
    3. you can place posters, handbill, use direct contact, go to your targeted market such as schools, café, send bulk sms to boost your market, you can buy like 10,000 to 100,000 units of phone numbers and send a bulk sms for as low as 90k per number. Contact me if you want to buy Nigerian’s numbers at cheaper rate, contact me using any of my contact listed below.

#fact you will make it if you apply everything I have discussed with you just now.
If you are afraid of dealing directly with amazon, then you can choose to pay for your product via a company called Circuit Atlantic, Circuit Atlantic would allow you to shop any product in USA via their website, note only that, you will also pay in Naira through bank deposit so you wont need to worry about credit card. Follow this link to contact circuit atlantic in lagos

Did you missed my post on how to shop from abroad Right here in Nigeria, if yes click here to read before you leave.
God bless, I still remain your friend SUNKANMI AFOLABI host of this blog.,
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