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I friend , Today I am sharing with you the part2 of the student business ideas which I discussed in PART1, click here to read PART1.
As you discovered in PART1 of this write up I discussed a lot on how a student can start a genuine small scale business that cough out good profit smiling to the bank on a daily basis. I mentioned 5 of the 15 business ideas in part 1 includes as follow;
1. Setting up a mini barbing saloon
2. Setting up a mini cyber café
3. Recharge card business
4. Setting up a phone call and repair boot
5. Selling of tokunbo clothes, shoes and bags

Today I am sharing with you more eye opener to financial breakthrough as a student. This is a good opportunity for you to say bye bye to suffering in school. Here are more business Tips

               Just like the first five in PART 1 this is another hot business idea , infarct the cheapest to start, I have made my research and I discovered many smart students out there are making their living so comfortable, just by teaching their level mates or other students. Lets take a ride on tips to profit
1. Tutorial class, you can use any of the school lecture room, you need your writing materials, you need sound teaching skills, and you must be very good in course you want to teach. Preferably specialise your self on particular subjects.
2. Home coach; set up a coaching centre t home or somewhere else, you can even approach other tutor for joint venture, so that you can have a wide taught of many subjects . This will lead to a standard tutorial class. Another home coaching could be tag to teaching kids and little children in their various homes; many families out there are looking for good home teacher for their children. The way you package yourself determines if you will get the job. Tutorial classes or home coaching commence off school hours and sometimes weekend
                                                    PROFIT PLANS
1. You will make it on daily basis, if not ask your tutorial masters how much they earn teaching 2-3hours per day. You should have some materials in stock for sale, it could be simple printout materials, I promise you they would buy it all.
2. Home coaching alone can earn you good income, many parents are willing to pay you good money sometime weekend or at the end of the month, if you are lucky to be employed as their children home teacher then you are in money.

    This is a very good business, especially during the season of football competitions (UEFA, PREMIER LEAGUE, LA LIGA, AFRICA CUP OF NATION and WORLD CUP) and so on. The good part of this business is, taking for instance those living in your hostel can you just take a statistical data of those that watch footballs and those that do not, some people are so addicted that when they talk, they talk ball 24/7. This business is so hot that your customer will be ready to pay any amount you going to bill them, a business where customer begs the owner just to watch football, To be sincere this business is still running faster for profit in our tertiary school environment. I think the first person that introduced this must be a smart person with future profit potential, can you see what it has turned to today?
Easy, very easy so far you have your start up capital to get the below requirement then you are ready to go, infarct no need of advertisement , you biz will advertise itself, in short time your stadium will grow faster than you will ever think of.
1.Get your stadium(watching house) lets take a survey on this business , you will notice these football houses are built mostly with rough woods, covered with ordinary iron sheets or rubber canopy.
2. Get television, can be fairly used or if you have more capital Buy new, but fairly used is okay, instead of buying new convert the money to buy two used sets.
3. You need a generator, 1 I better pass my neighbour can help you out #12000
4. Install a satellite dish + decoder (DSTV-HITV) any of the two, but the popular one is DSTV with a price between #22,000 to #24,000 depends on the supplier.
5. Get set of wooden benches at least that will be enough for 50 people to 100 people, assumption in view of benches 10 to 20 benches is okay others will stand on feet.
                                                 PROFIT PLANS
I told you earlier that this is one of the hottest business you can start as a student, people wants to catch fun watching football, people are looking for a place to discuss and talk football with other club members than sitting at home watching all alone, I have seen a Rich man with his family who preferred to watch ball in football house than his house. Can you imagine how many customers you will be recording in a single match, lets assume #50 per match 100 people attended=#5000 per day, what of situation of having more than 1 match in a day especially during football seasons, can you see you will be earning more than #100,000 to #150,000 at the end of the month.
        #fact you will make it and keep smiling to the bank

     Just like I discussed with you in PART1 I talked about setting up a mini cyber café this is another ICT related business that can quench the fire of poverty and poor financial status among smart business minded students. Computer is making everything easier everyday, can you imagine you are reading this just because there is computer, there are lot that you will gain from setting up a computer business centre. Lets take a look on how to start one.
                                               TIPS TO START
1. Get your computer, just one computer is okay for a start (p3 or p4) fairly used or new one. Depends on your pocket
2. Get a printer, for a mini computer centre you can purchase the 3 in1 printer that allows you to photocopy, to scan and to print out your computer documents.
3. Get a generator
4. Get a small shop, you can even rent a stand inside the campus from the school authority or SUG …. It is a good idea to locate yours inside school to boost your customer’s traffic flow.
5. Get some other materials, like your A3 A4 paper, ink, and so on
6. You can employ a computer typist for full time business i.e 24/7 opening or handle it your self during off school hours and weekends.
                                    PROFIT PLANS
1. You will earn good profit when people photocopy, type their documents especially after customer had compiled their project works, assignment, questionnaire , if you are good in delivering a good job then you will have enough customers and you will continue making it and smiling to the bank.


      Internet marketing is the act of turning idea, information, offline products to online products, no matter what you are selling offline the best way to get 10times customer in few time is to market online. Many people have no single product of their own, all they do is to sell other people’s products online , Also let me make a clear statement here, internet marketing is far different from online fraud AKA Advanced free fraud or Yahoo Yahoo. Internet marketing is the only way anyone can earn money online legally, with little capital,
Here are some online business you can venture on
1. Blogging
2. information marketing
3. web programming/ web publishing/ web design
4. Forex
5. e trading
6. online importation and exportation
7. website hosting
8. bulk sms reseller
9 .affiliate marketing
And so on, my dear friend make sure you are always with me on this blog as I will start discussing the above Internet marketing business one by one in future post.


       Just like we all know that major learning materials needed in tertiary schools are books, text books and manuals. If you take a notice of school libraries you will notice most schools lack good library with good books.
                                    TIPS TO START
1. Just get good books that your colleagues or other student will love to buy, you can get this books online, there is a site called amazon  where you can buy books and other products online at a very ridiculous prices, please CLICK HERE  to read about amazon.
                                         PROFIT PLAN
1. You will make it selling these books to student , you can lease out , you can get these book at a very cheaper rate or even free on amazon and still sell at a reasonable price. So you are in money.

Friend I will stop here today , I will continue in PART3. did you missed PART1 CLICK HEREto read it before you leave, thanks for taking your time.

My aim and objective is to see every students to be self employed, .
My final words, you might have said to yourself where would i get start up Capital?
1. Ask God for help, Ask your parent, Guidance, Your relatives, to help you
2. Seek for help, gives reasons why they must help you
3. Knock on doors with your ideas, they will surely help you.
4. alternatively borrow, work part time, Just make sure you find a means to start
          #fact:- it doesn't matter what people call you, they might referred to you as a hairdresser, barber, typist, car washer, But you know where you are going to, You know the reason why you are into business. when it comes to the time of famine in school those that insult you will beg you for food.
***********Note cultism, prostitution (ashewo, aristo), internet scam(yahoo yahoo) Non of these is a business but an avenue to spoil your beautiful future. God bless
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