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Good day friends, I am your friend Sunkanmi Afolabi today I am sharing with you How to write a Job application letter.
Things you should avoid when. Writing a Job letter
1. Avoid indecent covering letter.
2. The whole thing shouldn’t just be about you or how good you are
3. Avoid writing a letter with no benefit or rather no reference to the company or organization.
4. Avoid to over emphasis on what you have in mind if you are employed.
  To write a Decent CV
I have made a good research on this on internet and a friend of mine applied this trick He got the Job.

…Write a proper covering letter for CV, send a letter or deliver it yourself

…Don’t send your CV anyhow; make sure you send a proper letter and not just a brief or summary.

…Give a good reason why they should employ you, be courageous in writing this and make sure you have wide knowledge in what you are promising the company. They might ask a question about it during interview.

…Along with your CV’s letter you can enclose a photograph of your self, your employer like to see who they might end up employing.

…Don’t just write story, show inside your letter that you are interested in them. You can give a good reference of what your knowledge about the company. Try to research; this will give you more tips to write about the company.

#Fact, no company would place 100% attention in your ABOUT YOU message, all they are looking for is about the company and you can figure out reasonable problem if there is any affecting the company. Try to give a brief solution in your own perspective of specification.

…Your benefit to the company
Explain your skill and experience and relate to the company how it will benefit the company if you are employed.

…How to write
Write with good hand writing, use blue ink and check spelling.

…Do the follow up
Phone call, email, Go to office, get secretary, P.A , office assistant and even director’s Contacts. Don’t just send CV and sit-down expecting the company to give a call or email you, Do important follow up.

…Finally, Hope in God that you are employed.

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