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Welcome my darling Friends, hope your day is moving fine. I am Sunkanmi Afolabi the host of this BLOG, Today I will be sharing with you how to turn your every minutes spent on facebook to a cash rolling opportunity. Hope you will enjoy this, I know you will arrive with a lasting success, happy reading.

You need your email to enable you open on computer or on internet enable phones using your phone number, but for you to earn money please learn how to use the computer. Just Log on to , create a free account.

   Now you can add friends quickly using the new facebook features, you can search for a specific interest, group, name, location or the combination of all. You can also search fan page, by using the search box at the top right of your facebook profile, or click add friends on automatic generated friends or suggested friends. The newly added friends need to accept you as friend, once you are accepted, you need to send a thank you message to them for accepting you as friend, lets apply a simple marketing secret here, see below example assuming WALE OLORUNTOBA just accepted my friend request, this is what I will send as a reply to Him
“Thanks Wale for accepting my friend request,  hope we going to have a very good friendship, This is my special gift for you as a new friend, Discover unlimited business opportunity TIPS and how to start one from the scratch see here once again thank you, SUNKANMI AFOLABI”.
Once my new friend read this, I hope he would click my blog link, before he knows it is here already and that’s traffic for my blog. You can use this marketing secret to sell anything even POP CORN market. Note you just have to be creative enough, just make sure it contains the first name of the person, your name, and little about your offer. i.e appreciation, propose a future interaction and conclude wisely, you can send the message directly to your friend’s Facebook inbox or write it on their timeline or wall, writing on wall is a very good idea once it is done, the person will see this on his wall and all his/her friends will see this too, by this you can have as many as possible people reading your offer right away, and they may click on it, or opt for any offer you promise wisely.

Since you are on Facebook for business, I will advice you to always write about your product, goods and services or any other related business. This feature enables you to distribute information to all your friends or any group you belong to at once. It is a useful tool to those who have information about business or product or service to distribute. After publishing, it will appear on your wall and the walls of all your friends you tagged or groups. That is not all, by the right side of your note you will see “tag this note” the feature allow you to add friends to the note you have written and this is what happen, all the friends you add to your note will receive an email from Facebook informing them that you have tagged them a note, that is traffic for your site, your product sales letter, blog, fan page and so on. If you have a blog like this or WordPress blogs you can import your blog article to your note, in fact when you update your blog it automatically gets the contact and share it on in your note, then you can tag your friends and groups and so on. You can also use the share this application for social website, when any of your site or blog visitors click on share this on Facebook  it will automatically share on their walls or any group they which to send the article to, this is a useful tools to bloggers like your friend SUNKANMI AFOLABI to write a note visit or click note directly on Facebook.

Fan page allows business people to directly interact with their customers on facebook. “fans” can upload photos and actively engages with other users on fan page.  You have the opportunity to upload videos and other multimedia on you fan page  it allows you to send message to your fans which help you keep your customers informed about your new product, event or any new offer that are related to your business. For example here is our blog fan page address like our page now for more tips on Facebook about this blog. Fan page increase traffic to your website, blog or your product location online, it also viral that when users become a fan of your page, it is advertised on all their friends news feeds. Just click create a page on Facebook  give it a title, update necessary information, you can customize to suite your business offer. The more people who like your pages the more sales or traffic you get.

One of the major ways you can earn income out of Facebook is by creating application which will interest your users of Facebook Develop them for sole purpose of selling it to web developers,  game developers, programmers and so on. You can learn how to develop software within 6 month or 1 year it all depends on your tutor, just search any software engineers in your area and request for a training.
This alone can make you rich if you market it wisely, you can turn any of your idea to information and start marketing it inform of eBooks  Software, DVD,  CD,  Manual Book even seminars and so on. Use your wall, note, or group you belong to for selling your goods and services. You can even create a group to sell your product on Facebook and fan page  you can also advertise any of your products to targeted customers using the Facebook advertisement program. The more you are using the traffic ads the more you can increase the chances of getting more sales, for instance the major traffic to this blog is through Facebook.
I will teach you how to turn anything into information marketing in my future post.
1. choose an affiliate marketing for advertising is a great source of income. This is another method by which you can use advertisement on Facebook with little penny, payment is through credit card, Paypal  You can get credit card in your reputable local banks. Just set up a blog for affiliate, website, pick a product to promote on this blog and website, you can pick a product from sites like,,, , , and so on. These sites work very well, each with different terms and condition so make sure your read that before picking any product.
What to do..
1. Visit the site mentioned above, register, pick a product (an ever green product or hot product in market), you will be given an affiliate code, place this on your blog or website.
2. Start promoting your affiliate link on your website using Facebook traffic secret or marketing secret I have mentioned earlier. The more visitors you get and the more click on your click, and if anyone buys the product, then you just earn a share from the product you are promoting.

I once told you that you can sell anything on Facebook,  friends if you want to increase your customer traffic flow. Just go to Facebook and start telling your friends and others about your product. Using the secret I have told you, (your wall, your friend’s wall, group, note, fan page, Facebook advertisement).

Final word, my darling friend don’t just waste your precious time sharing useless story on Facebook  many are on Facebook 24/7 without doing any reasonable thing, do something that will make your pocket rich through the poser of selling through Facebook, and that thing is your idea, your product, your services.
God, I will drop my pen here till my future post.

Thanks for taking your time to read the post, feel free to share with your friends on Facebook  twitter, Google plus and so on. use the share button or the bookmark button.
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