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Teachers must use new and innovative technology-based tools, devices and system in the classroom. But usually teachers are very busy persons and it is also expected that some teachers are not too fond of computers. In this article, I will present 6 better ways to bring your classroom up-to-date by the use of advanced technology.
  1. Teachers Can Use Technology As A Topic For A Writing Assignment
Yes, teachers can use technology as a topic for a writing assignment. For students who are younger, teacher can assign students a “how-to” type paper on using technology. It will be very natural fit because typically younger students have a greater level of comfort with advanced technology than many adults. Similarly, the teacher can tell children to write a piece in which they instruct someone, such as a grandparent, on ways to send an email, for example. For children who are older, the teacher can tell them to do research on the impact of technology on a specific period in any subject like history.
  1. Develop a Class Webpage
In a class webpage, the teacher can post important announcements in the forms of texts, class photos, blog, downloadable materials, etc. Teachers can also enjoy and benefit from a website ‘http://www.webs.com/’ because it offers premium service packages at free of cost.
  1. Use Grading System Online
There are some school establishments allowing the shift to grade-books based on web, and thus you don’t need wait for trying one out. The teacher can use grading system online by using a site ‘http://www.mygradebook.com’, which provides the greatest opportunity: to track grades; to maintain attendance and seating charts by recording them; and to develop reports on overall progress and performance of each student. Through this way, the teacher can also send direct email to students and their parents/guardians to let them to observe their updated grades.
  1. Create A Class Blog
A class blog just like wiki is indeed one of the best approaches to integrate advanced technology into the classroom environment in order to develop and improve knowledge of students. It has been seen that blogs are used by some teachers to continue discussion even after the end of the class. This approach is very supportive for students whose motivation level is high but they short on class time.
  1. Give Multimedia Presentations
Multimedia presentation is indeed an excellent way. Present your traditional lecture or any lesson material on a PowerPoint presentation slide that integrates images, photographs, tables, charts and diagrams, along with videos. If you are a teacher teaching in a high school, you need to consider having your learners create presentations as a review tool earlier than semester tests or exams. Work done by your students may be quite excellent that you will want to use it in future classes.
  1. Develop a Podcast
Numerous podcasts are available online. The teachers can easily get one that effectively meets the needs of students. Podcast is use by some colleges or universities in which they offer lectures of their professors. Moreover, as a teacher you may be capable of finding supplemental materials. The teachers simply need to make some arrangements to download such materials and play it for learners in the classroom. Teachers can also allow their students to develop their own podcasts to successfully document their overall performance and or express and discuss their concepts on any academic related or course related matter.

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Rose Alvin is a Project Manager in UK Based writing firm which provide Assignmentuk.co.uk to the students. Rose Alvin completed her master in business administration and writing her experience from four years.

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