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Top 7 Tips to Make Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos

In this fast moving world, people are always in a hurry to catch up with all their tasks. Furthermore, people are involved in making such gadgets and tools - which can help them in avoiding the wastage of time. One such time-saving invention, which many people have started using is the whiteboard explainer. People make videos via the whiteboard explainer for conveying their message in a very short span of time. Another advantage is that it can quickly reach maximum people. For making such videos attractive and eye catching, few measures can be taken. Following these useful tips for making your explainer videos would make them the best:
1. Time Duration:
These audio visual videos should be short, with reference to time. People would lose interest if the videos are too long and have ‘too much’ details in the first go. The video should give maximum insight in minimum time.
2. Focused Script
The thing which can make a video successful is its script. It should be a well-written one and consider each aspect of the film. Experts suggest using a maximum of 240 words for writing it. They, further, suggest targeting only the most focused features of the product. While writing the script, the audience should be kept in mind. If your product is for the age group of 18-24 then the script should be attractive for them particularly.
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3. Core to Traditions:
Generally these whiteboard explainer videos are very simple and, are in black and white color. It’s essential that they are kept basic; otherwise they can lose their charisma. It doesn’t mean that colors can’t be used but the idea is not to use ‘too many’ colors in frame. Another tip, which many Experts give as well, is to be consistent with your used colors. This means that if you have used, for instance, ‘red’, ‘black’ and ‘white’ in one frame of your video – then you should use the same three colors for the rest of the frames/slides as well.
4. Animated Characters:
To make your videos more attractive, use lively animated characters to develop the interest of the viewer. They feel more connected to it, as it has such dynamic and attractive expressions. Viewers might even laugh at them. Try to use relevant animated characters in your videos. This technique would keep the interest alive and would make the video visually-appealing.
5. Essential Drawing Hand:
It’s important to add a drawing hand in the video because it gives the video a more proper view. A whiteboard animated video without a hand ruins all the concept of the whiteboard explainer video.
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6. Continuous Illustration:
The frames/clips of a video should all be interconnected with one common idea. This would give it a tale-like look for the viewer. Avoid cuts and swaps sections in your video as it doesn’t give a professional look.
7. Emotional Reference:
Keeping in mind the age group of your audience, you can use emotional reference for developing an attachment, in the viewer, with your video.

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