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6 Problems in Society due to Biased Education

Society consists of individuals, and problems in the lives of those individuals become societal issues. Just like many other difficulties, this society and its individuals face a prominent latest issue of Biased Education. Biased education, also termed as unequal education, means that children are not getting education on same grounds. This prejudiced educational system is bringing the sense of unfair treatment in our society. This article will further describe the societal problems due to biased education.
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  1. Increased Number of Inferiority Complex in Students:
No matter what, prejudice never brings any good. The one problematic situation, our society is facing is increased inferiority complex in students due to biased education. Our children don’t get an equal education because lower standard schools offer lower education whereas expensive schools offer elite education. This inequality is giving birth to an inferiority complex in children and they begin to feel lower, which makes them nonproductive beings of society.
  1. Higher Favoritism:
Another societal problem, which is quite prominent, is that favoritism is increasing due to a biased educational system. Students begin experiencing favoritism in schools, as trustees’ children are more favored than others. This initial difference in education sets students’ minds with the idea that favoritism is right. And by the time, when they are supposed to become good individuals of society, they start promoting favoritism due to that mindset and overall, destroy the moral status of society.
  1. Imperfect Competitions:
When an educational system becomes biased and every school produces students with different mental levels, there comes the societal problem of imperfect competitions. From school competitions to professional competitions, people face imperfection. Children from lower standard schools become unable to compete with students of higher standard schools. Same happens when their professional lives begin and they continue to face this issue of society for the rest of their lives.
  1. Excessive Rudeness & Arrogance:
Biased education also destroys the characters of people by making them think that they are superior to others. Our society is facing a problem of excessive rudeness and arrogance due to the biased educational system. People whose children study in high standard schools are more often of the thought that they are better than those who cannot afford expensive schools. Even children’s morality is going down because they think of being better than others.

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  1. Kids’ Damaged Personalities:
Children are the future of this society but now, society is facing a problem of increased number of damaged kids. Their personalities are getting destroyed due to prejudices in educational systems. They are beginning to develop wrong ideas about everything because of inequality. With damaged children, society will be ruined as well.
  1. Difficulty in Finding Suitable Institute:
This society is also facing a problem of finding a suitable and appropriate school for kids. All institutes are not equal; some offer higher educational standards and some don’t, some charge expensively and some are cheap. Therefore, parents are unable to find institutes which offer good quality of education in lower budget. If all schools provide equal education, then people can make decisions easily.
Author bio:
A British education expert, Axel Flores, wrote this article and currently works in someone write my research paper British educational department.

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