Thursday, 28 March 2013


Free Classified Ad Websites are a fantastic way for you to promote your business online on a low budget. Promoting your services and products online using these marketing sites is fairly simple and can be achieved in just a few easy steps. Free classified ad sites are particularly good for small business owners who perhaps
cannot afford to launch an expensive marketing campaign in order to advertise and market their company. This being said, it is vital that you select a free classified advertising website that also provides you with handy tools and helpful advice to get you started.

1) Proper wording is imperative

You need to place an ad that will stand out from the crowd on a free classified website. To begin you much choose a phrase that clearly describes your service or product. In order to do this it sometimes helps to consider television adverts; those that are most memorable and recognisable all have a jingle. You need to aim to produce a similar effect using the written word in your free classified ads. You will need to include a link to your website together with your email address to ensure that customers can contact you easily if they have any queries.

2) Where to place your free classified ads

Free classified ad websites can be easily found. An internet browser search will quickly find hundreds of results for you to choose from. Visit the top ten web pages in order to find out what types of ads are being placed. In Nigeria, one of the biggest free classifieds websites is TradeStable, where you can place your ad on a specific category and even region. Do a little research by taking a look at those advertising similar products or services to your own and place your ads. It it advisable that you alter your ads each week to ensure that you place something new and interesting on a regular basis.

3) Key aspects to remember

It is important to be in possession of a tax id and business license before getting started as it is more likely that customers will want to do business with you. Be creative and think up attention grabbing advertisements to draw in your potential customers. Make use of all the free ad sites available as marketing is the only way to inform the public about your products and services.
I can not emphasise enough the advantages of using free classified ad websites. There can be no doubt that they will bring more customers to your website and thus, increase your income and the overall success of your business. These ad websites are also great if you are looking to purchase or sell a particular product or service online. By using these services you will be able to sell used cars online, purchase electronic goods and discover new businesses at the click of a button.

About the Author: M. L. Davis is a freelance writer currently living in Rome, Italy. She is the proud mother of a 4 year-old and an inspiring WAHM (Working At Home Mom), continuing with her passion for writing about various topics online.

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