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Did you know something as simple as screen printing could vastly improve the image of your company? Here are some ideas for creating a better image and for having fun while doing it.  

Give Away Tees:
One way that you can get your name out there the right way is to create a positive stir. They say that any publicity is good publicity because it means that people know who you are. But it is important to keep your business in a positive light. Show up to the next job fair or booth setting prepared.

Give away company memorabilia such as pens and other goods that people actually use.

Kids and adults alike love free t-shirts, especially when they are coupled with an event where they make sense. For example, one restaurant in Fresno, California sponsored the football college red Zone shirts and thus got great publicity. They paid for the shits and therefore got their name on the back. Everyone wore the shirts to games, so every person standing in back of a Red Zone student saw the restaurant name. It was perfect, fun advertising. Give away screen-printed tees anywhere you talk about the company, such as at schools, at college or job fairs, or elsewhere.

Sponsor A Team:
This can go hand in hand with giving away memorabilia and supporting the local economy or sports network. Sponsor a sports team for some great exposure. You can choose a larger team, like the city college or a national one. Or you can pick a small minor league or kiddy group. Children’s tee ball and other teams need, love, and appreciate support.

So see if your kids or some others need a sponsor this year. Pay for the equipment or whatever they need, and make shirts to represent what you stand for-good values and hard work and perseverance. You can even screen print backpacks and bags that they and their parents can wear to school and out and about. This is a clean way to make an image. This also gives you a chance to rename the team for more exposure. For example, when the local Shakeys pizza sponsored the young boy’s basketball team, they named the team “Shakeys.” It was adorable, everyone loved it, and the business got great press that led to more business and a good image.

Make A Team:
Or make a league of your own. You can make a company league as part of the yearly initiative to get fit and healthy in the office. Make wearable goods to spark team spirit and cohesiveness. Invite other companies to play ball, as well as family members and clients. This is a fun way to get your name heard among associates and their friends. Invite others to play and have a blast with good, clean fun.

About the Author: Ashley is a Professional Writer with a passion for technology and business. She has been published on several business websites and enjoys sharing tips and advice for small businesses.

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