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Keeping Your Customers Engaged With Your Online Business

People use videos as a means to communicate with their prospective as well as current clients on their websites, to enhance their collaboration and engagement to promote their new products or business. Videos can be used in various ways to engage and interact with the clients. From the following options mentioned in this guest post, let us introduce better solutions for you so that you can get an idea about where to spend your time in order to explore the appropriate video options for your business.
Apple’s Face Time:
Apple has taken a step to make video calls if you are interested in making video calls on MAC, iPhone and even iPad2. It provides a face to face customer support. Either it is for the employee or customer communication, voice or video conferences as well as virtual meetings are the things that are done by companies for a mutual alliance.
Behind The Scenes:
Use videos to show behind the scenes of a product launch or whatever is going on in your company. Businesses usually show to their clients what goes around in their companies, which they are normally not able to see on their own. For instance, a video on how a product was launched and what went into the minds of the people working on its inception would be interesting to watch.
Case Studies:
Make short videos on your case studies as people are more attracted to see shorter ones than the longer ones. Shorter videos are much more effective, but make sure that it says a lot within a short span of time.
Diary Style Videos:
A short but insightful approach would be to make a video featuring people or a group of people talking to the camera, sharing their experiences they had with your product or the tips and tricks that would work for your product or even answering a common question which the clients might have.
You may use an e-mail to send your video clip, as people are more inclined to look through a video clip sent to them. But there are certain web based programs, such as Yahoo and Google that do not let the video clip to be embedded.
Face Book:
It is certainly one of the best places to share your company’s video. But what appears on a user’s News Feed is dependent on each person’s customized optimization factor, known as Edge Rank. However, a video usually ranks higher and has a far greater chance of getting its way to someone’s News Feed. Nearly millions of people watch videos on Facebook on a regular basis, hence a video on this platform can help to engage the customers in a much better way.
Get Seen:
Steve Garfield’s book by the name of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business Online is one of the best resources that cover a vast number of video marketing related topics. The topics range from the choice of camera to be used and the sound and lighting, creating videos without a proper camera, shooting, recording and uploading as well as going live to making blogging videos, popularly known as v-logs.
Have A Good Time:
You may also record a video that shows a creative performance done by your own employees in order to reflect the culture of your company and enhance the business without the viewers knowing that they are being advertised to. In order to do so, you have to get your company’s consent as it might turn out that your boss is not such a jolly good fellow on the outset as he is as a theorist.
Social media experts are interviewed every week by the founder of Social Media Examiner in order to introduce a person of interest or even a topic to the visitors of a website or blog. People love to watch video clips, which gives a boost to the SEO factor of the website. Such a website that has a video on it has more chances of coming up on the top of the search results on Google as compared to the one that has no video on it.
It is the place where people do a screencast to show or make a point to others in different locations. It records whatever you are seeing on the screen of your computer for 5 minutes, which can be shared through email, IM, your blog, web or even Twitter. It is available for free, but with a limited number of options. For many advanced options, its pro version can be bought for a few bucks.
Interview The Main Influencers:
You may also make videos while interviewing people who are on top of the line in your field as connecting with a respected person through a video interview in your line of work will engage more customers to your brand. In case, a key influencer is not available, an online video can be embedded in your blog in order to supplement a point. It would help you to come up in the SEO ranks when you associate your brand with a key influencer and will also establish your brand name.
Linked In:
The pages here also let the company pages to add a video for each product to their company profile. It is an incredible as well as a dynamic option for companies to show a short clip on their pages and can even give a nice competitive edge over the others.
News And Commentary
Videos are also used on the company blogs as well as social networking sites to give a commentary on the news that are relevant to the company in order to reflect how responsive and aware is a company about the related industry.
Product Tours
If you want to keep your customers aware of the products and services of your company, then you make a product tour video. These tours can turn out to be really effective tools in showing the advantages of your product to your customers and do not even cost a lot.
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Susan Benson is the author of this post. Apart from being a marketing consultant, she also posts her valuable advice on various websites, where she is asked- Where do I get my assignment written from? She combines her expertise on marketing strategies with brand designing and guides all the marketers who need her assistance.

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