Friday, 2 October 2015

Four Ways to Boost Your Home WIFI

Running the home-based WIFI internet technology is something that has become an extremely common trend. People even in the third world countries are now focusing on shifting their wire based internet to completely wireless WIFI. This is the way internet technology has evolved and now it is beginning to get cost effective as well as easy to manage.
The problem with having a home based WIFI, however, can become a bit of nuisance. Some of the basic problems that users face is the easy internet theft. Since the technology has a wide spread reach, people outside your home can also access and use your internet services, this can have a serious impact on the speed of your internet. To counter this, now we have password based WIFI setups for people who are victims of internet theft.Similarly, nearby jammers can also put off the speed of WIFI if it is nearby the device.Therefore, people who have these home-based WIFI often are struggling to manage the speed. Today’s blog is going to talk about four reasons that can help you manage your WIFI and boost the speed.
Use the Latest Router Model
Sometimes, using an old router model can have an impact on the speed of your WIFI. So, if you have been using your router for many years and it is impacting the speed of your WIFI, then it is time to change the model and upgrade it to a new one. Using an old router can also put a lot of security threats to your internet usage like an old firewall which will not detect the modern security settings and keep away the malicious acts. If you really want to use a cheaper way, then you can start off by downloading a new driver on the old model, this might do the trick if you are lucky.
Find an Open Spot for Your Router
Since your router signals have to go to different places within your house, a confined and cagy WIFI spot will mean there is not enough room for signals to spread across. This will create an instability with your network and in some places, you might get really good signals while at other spots you might not. Always keep your router in an elevated position with open space around it, enough for its signals to reach everywhere.
Improvise with the Security
As mentioned earlier, your WIFI security is a must in order to ensure there is no internet theft outside your home. Thwart your WIFI with the latest security or password which has a unique code to ensure that no one can even hack it.
Use Fewer Devices
Sometimes, connecting too many devices with your single speed WIFI connection can also put a lot of instability in your WIFI internet speed. So always keep limited devices connected to your WIFI. Use device management to disable devices which are not being used and just have their internet connections on. This will help you keep your internet usage in check and managed on devices which are being used and not siting dormant eating up the cache.
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Melody Wilson is the author of this blog post. Melody works as a manager in a technology firm which is very popular in the USA region. She likes to spend her time using different techniques to improvise with technology and also posts her observations or results on various blogging sites, including Readers of her blog highly appreciate her work and look forward to it.

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