Thursday, 8 November 2012

5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees are Happy at Work!

Employees are the key to the success of any business. They perform all important tasks that make the company going. They represent the business to customers and prospective clients. They keep the venture alive. No one can contest the importance of employees to any business.
It is important to make the employees happy. Happy staff will surely be more enthusiastic when dealing with clients. They tend to do more and they become more willing to achieve targets. They even develop a sense of loyalty and belongingness. Making them feel like they are part of a big and happy family at work will do more wonder. Here are some ideas that can help make sure they are happy while working with your company.

1. Create a Comfortable and Productive Working Atmosphere through a Good Office Design.
Logically, the physical layout of the working place helps maximize productivity of employees, who need more space to work, useful materials and supplies, and a pleasant office environment. A good office design will motivate them further to work. Give your staff good reasons to feel excited to go to work each day. A comfortable and pleasant working place can be a good start.

2. Become a Good Employer.
Communicate personally and be pleasant to them at all times. While being approachable, make yourself clear about the expectations you set for all your staff. Set clear boundaries, provide the right direction, and demonstrate effective leadership style. Always be fair and compassionate to all employees.

3. Allow Flexibility.
Your employees will appreciate it more if you can provide everyone more breathing room. You may start by giving your staff a flexible working schedule so they will not have to suffer any setback caused by traffic and other events that inevitably happen in the community. Occasionally, allow some personnel to work from home especially working moms who encounter emergencies at home, like having a sick child or waiting for a repairman to fix the heater.

4. Be Generous.
Employees will certainly appreciate high salaries, greater benefits, and more perks. Make them feel that working in your company will be enough to make them financially contented. You can do this without getting less reasonable in terms of the profitability of the business. Realize that well-paid staff are often more productive and loyal. At the same time, be generous in giving praises because as you know, making employees happy and appreciative is not just all about money.

5. Make Them Feel Important.
This way, you can target fulfilling their sense of self-actualization and accomplishment. People who feel important tend to be happy, and that happiness will eventually emanate to all other aspects of their lives.
Give them responsibilities, trust them, and make them realize how important they are to the company.

Author Bio: Irene has been blogging about office space design and how it impacts employer productivity. When she is not writing, Irene offers office partitions and interior design services to businesses looking at improving their office environment.

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