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5 Reasons why you shouldn't Ignore your Facebook Edge Rank and how to Improve it.

Facebook is the latest weapon capable of mass destruction for marketing platforms. The battle for online domination has rampaged throughout the different businesses that are trying to get more likes and brand mentions from users. In this article, we will talk about what Facebook Edge Rank is, its importance and ways to optimize it. Facebook Edge Rank "Edge Rank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed-and how high-on the News Feed" this is how whatisedgerank.com defines Edge Rank. To put it in simpler terms, Edge Rank is the system that decides which posts you will see on your News Feed. If you’re looking to maximize your Page’s visibility you should definitely boost your Edge Rank!
5 Reasons why you shouldn’t Ignore Facebook Edge Rank

1. It improves your post IMPRESSIONS An impression does not necessarily mean that your post was clicked or intentionally viewed. It just means that at some point in time your post appeared on the screen of a user. Every time someone browses through Facebook and somehow skims through your post that will count as an impression. It goes without saying of course that the more impressions you get the more likely you are to engage user interactions.

2. It increases your VISIBILITY The level of engagement your page and your posts have determined the amount of visibility you can reach. It's a common misconception that all of the fans of a certain page will be able to see every post. This is not true! Posts with little engagement will not be prioritized by the algorithm and might never even be seen by its fans.

3. It determines the amount of ENGAGEMENT Before any engagement is possible, you must first be visible to the eyes of your fans. The best way to do this is to show up on their news feeds! And the only way to get there is by having a good standing in Edge Rank. The better ranking you have the better chances there are of being able to reach out to your fans and invite them to engage in your content.

4. It determines the RELEVANCE of your posts Literally tons of posts from multiple fan pages bombard our news feed all the time and Facebook filters which ones we will see thru Edge Rank. Now, if your posts never really attain any real traffic then you will have low rankings, and with that your newer posts will be categorized as irrelevant and will never see the dawn of day light. However, if your posts regularly achieve high levels of engagement, your ranking will definitely increase. With high ratings, Edge Rank will deem your new posts as relevant to fans.

5. It either provides TRAFFIC to your page or drives it away Given that your Edge Rank determines whether or not your posts will appear on the news feed of your fans, it will also be a crucial factor to the traffic driven to your page. Low engagement will result to low rankings; low rankings will result into low traffic. With this much at stake, Edge Rank can either make your page a huge success or a tragic failure. How to Improve Your Edge Rank Like 1. Upload Pictures and videos Pictures and videos have more weight in Edge Rank than status updates and links. By posting interesting photos and videos, you can hope for a lot of engagement from your fans. Make sure that you have catchy titles too! Also, you may try using questions as captions to get users to interact with your post.

2. Do a great deal of updates Try to engage your fans as much as possible, three, five or even ten updates a day will do you a great deal of help. Don't dish out crappy material just for the sake of updating, instead try to come up with content that your followers will find interesting and will therefore start engaging in. Posting regularly will keep your page fresh which is a great way to invite interaction from the users.

3. Post quality content Content that will naturally engage your target audience or your fans will easily create healthy interaction thus improving your impressions which will in turn make you rise up in the rankings. By lodging quality content, asking your followers to like and comment on a post will be easy as eating cake! Edge Rank can be a good system, especially for Pages with high levels of user engagement already. Smaller sized Fan Pages however, may be the ones to suffer. A number of Facebook Fan Page owners have expressed their animosity towards this algorithm tweak deeming it "unfair" and "abusive." The system of Edge Rank seems to lean toward encouraging Page administrators to avail of the Promoted Posts advertising option. Availing of this subscription provides posts with more network reach and sustainability. The problem is not every Page has the means to afford Promoted Posts. Whether or not Facebook changes the way the algorithms of Edge Rank work is still a big question mark. The important thing that you must know now is that you need to optimize your Edge Rank.

Author bio: +Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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