Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Inbound marketing will definitely get bigger this 2013. With people becoming more and more engaged in social media, customers are naturally drawn to what is being offered in the World Wide Web. Inbound marketing is a form of online marketing that capitalizes on social media presence to gain customers. It is not intrusive compared to outbound marketing which uses commercials, ads, sales calls, and other means to grab consumer attention. The basic premise of inbound marketing is that brands are “found” by customers. They are pulled by these brands through its web content and effective customer service online. The end goal of inbound marketing is to pull the customer toward you and not chase them the way outbound marketers do.
Here are some reasons why inbound marketing is the way to go this year.

Social Media Influence Will Get Bigger. Social media is the main avenue for inbound marketing. Brands use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other similar sites to promote their products. More and more people are becoming dependent on social media from the simplest information to the latest news around the globe and this year is no exception.
You need to exert more effort in promoting your brand via social media. Make sure that you do it professionally. Your online presence should be consistent to your brand image.
Meaning if you cater to a young crowd your website and Facebook/Twitter page should convey youth and energy. Your tweets should capture that youthful market as well.

Fast-Paced Life Dictates Customer Attention. We live in what is so-called the “instant” generation. Transactions and payments can be easily done online.
Food is often purchased to-go or via drive-thru. The fast-paced life of your customers gives them little or no time to look at advertisements or commercials. That’s why it is essential that you are found at strategic places where they spend most of their time. That place is none other than the web. A lot of people spend more time in their Facebook or Twitter accounts than interacting face-to-face with other people.
This should dictate the way you do your marketing online. Since consumers are glued to social media, so should you. Inbound marketing will allow you to zero in on social media promotions, customer interactions, and branding efforts.

Web Living Is Getting More Prevalent. A lot of jobs are being done online now. Services are being outsourced and before you know it office spaces will eventually be outdated. From information to errands to all sorts of purchases, all these things can now be found and done in the web. Web living is currently driving how marketing is effectively done. Inbound marketing thrives because of this new lifestyle. Customers are basically connected to everyone around the globe through the web.
It is also where they accomplish a lot of things. By establishing a strong social media presence, you can promote your brand even more. Promos are more effectively done via social media marketing. Simply ask your customers to like, share, or retweet your promo and instantly your marketing efforts can become viral. The great thing about inbound marketing is that it costs you less than outbound marketing.
It also requires less manpower to pull off a certain promotion. With the fast-paced life of your customers, getting their attention has become increasingly more difficult.
Not to mention that today’s consumers do not want to be disturbed by annoying phone calls or loud advertisements. They need to chance upon your brands on their social networking sites to capture their attention. You need to create intriguing and compelling content that can capture your customers’ attention in a few browsing seconds. Your copy should be punchy and your graphics should be worth the second look. Offer freebies, provide helpful content, interact with your customers online, and tailor fit your information to the needs of your target market.
All these things combined will help you have a robust inbound marketing this 2013.

Author Bio: +Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of
Project Management at Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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