Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Is internet marketing dependent on great web design services or not? How does my online marketing campaign benefit from professional web design services?
Get answers to all this questions and many more in this page. The web designing services you go for can have a big impact on your internet marketing efforts results. There are many websites on the internet whose design contributes to their dismal performance in any online marketing campaigns. Who loves sites that are slow, hard to use or cluttered? This therefore means you have to ensure you get the right design services. It is unfortunate to note that many people are not aware of the dependencies of a great web design and online marketing. Let us examine how marketing on the internet is depended on a great web design.

Lower Bounce Rates: Going for great website designing will ensure you have lower bounce rates. A website with high bounce rates will rank poorly on search engines, especially since Google Panda algorithm updates were released. Therefore, to help retain your visitors, you need to ensure you have an exceptional website design done by professionals who understand your business needs. They will ensure your website is not clutters, does not have poor graphical design, is easy to use and retrieve information. All this will ensure lower bounce rates.

Higher Conversion Rates: In any online marketing efforts, conversion rates matters a lot. One way to ensure you have higher conversion rates is through the kind of web design you engage. A great website helps in conversions because it can put more emphasis on strong points and create good opt-in pages. Imagine the experience that a customer who really wanted to purchase from you but finds your site hard to navigate or retrieve information? You might have high website traffic but poor conversion and this means you will make less profit from your investments (poor ROI). This alone should confirm to you that actually a great website helps in conversions.

Website Credibility: It is not just website traffic that matters but also your credibility. The kind of website design services you go for will either make or break your credibility. It is not easy to sell online unless you have the right credibility.
How are people going to trust you if your website does not give you the credibility you need? Your website must be very responsive to various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari as well as on high-end devices such as smartphones and tablets. It should load fast without any bugs. All this can only achieved by getting the right web and graphical design services.

Branding and Social Media Integration: A great website designing service can ensure you appropriately brand and integrate social media networks to your website. They have the right knowledge in choosing the correct topography and colors to reflect your brand and ensure consistency in your logos, menu bar, footer, social profiles, etc. In addition, online marketing is now very much depended on social media and a good company should help customize pages and integrate social media networks buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among many others.
All these efforts are very important in internet and online marketing. 

Author Bio: Abdul Majeed is an SEO expert and have been helping online websites for higher brand visibility using ethical SEO practices. He will be glad to help websites to boost their marketing campaigns through hiring professional website design services like or other top firms who develop websites with great and latest techniques.


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