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How to Hire Your First Few Employees For Your Startup Business

Hiring your first employees is very vital to your startup business. They will be the people of your workforce who will be present in your operations floor and helping you run your company. Since you’re new in the biz, you might not have HR group who are experts of the recruitment field. In this article, we will provide you with five qualities to look for when hiring your employees for your startup business.

5 Qualities to Look for Your Startup Employees

1. Loyalty
It’s not as if these candidates would be your dogs who will become loyal to you for eternity. However, loyalty is one of the greatest credential that you should check up on when hiring an employee. You can determine or rather measure their loyalty through the number of company transfers they have had in a short period of time. As well, you need to ask for reasons for these movements. If for instance, the applicant was just not contented with the pay and who’s always in the lookout for employers who give out higher salaries, there is no true loyalty in this guy.

If you’re just starting up, consider to hire employees who would stay for long. Instead of taking new hires and accepting their resignation every month or so, choose ones which would last for an ideal time of 2-3 years.

2. Adaptable
Find candidates who are quick to adapt to a new working environment. Since there are many expected changes in the org structure and policies of your startup, a person who is not good in adapting may be lost in track and won’t be able to keep up with the fast changes in culture. When employees settle with adjustments every now and then without problem, they can better secure a long-term success for your company.

The key here is to not focus on the things written on the applicant’s resume but to ask him personally through interviews to cite examples when he/she showed adaptability during his/her previous work experiences.

3. Innovative
If you are your own boss, you are not responsible to do all the thinking and decision-making all the time. Your employees are hired to give you creative and innovative inputs to improve your resolve on company matters. They should be capable in integrating interesting stuff to your start up to help it grow faster.

4. Determined
In testing the determination of an employee, don’t trust your instincts. Give prospect candidates what-if scenarios and ask questions to test their willpower. If the job requires 9 hours of working (which is one hour more than the regular eight hours) or if it involves weekend working hours, just know the reasons why or why not the respective candidates would want to get the job.

5. Committed
Related to loyalty, this quality should also be foremost in your checklist. Employees who are committed lowers down turnover rate and thus your time and financial resources to recruit for new hires to fill in the position upon separation. Commitment empowers them to follow your directives and adhere with the goals and missions of your company. It is therefore important to know if their personalities, attitudes and backgrounds are aligned to your startup’s objectives. Applicants who have conflicts with your standards at the start show that they would not be as committed as you expect them to be.

Hiring your first few employees for your startup business is critical as they determine how to achieve your first few milestones as well. Before discussing and preparing a job offer, know the implications of hiring a person. This is very critical as part of your business strategies.

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