Monday, 17 December 2012


Almost all vehicle owners avail of car insurance the minute they buy the car but they should be aware of the fast growing insurance scams on the market today.
One sure way of knowing if the company they patronize is really reliable when accidents happen and claims are made is to check the payment methods because fraudulent transactions are common in these companies. They sugar-coat their terms and conditions to make the people believe that they are after the vehicle and the owner’s welfare. Once you sign the contract the company will gradually ask for some payments not previously stated in the contract.

Second, the flow of transactions are not transparent shadowed by doubts and uncertainty on the payer’s part. It causes undue stress and financial pressure especially in times when the claim is badly needed. What the owner should do is to check ahead of time about testimonials regarding the company’s reputation to its customers. If there are more than one reason not to continue with the insurance policy then the public should not anymore continue getting the service of that particular company.

The third thing to watch out is that they try to water-down the claims of the customer meaning they are not getting what they should have got depending upon the damage done to the vehicle. Owners are usually left clamoring upon the insurance company for more consideration. When this thing happen, it’s time to say goodbye to that service provider.

Moreover, the delay in terms of action during the time of accident and after should give a hint to whatever motive the company has for the owner. The lack of prompt response will indicate how slow the service will be delivered that can leave the customers hanging.

Lastly, what one should also know about is the registration of the said insurance company to whatever registration authority is recognized in the country.
It ensures the public of the validity of the business’ existence and if something happens like when the company declares bankruptcy, people can claim their payments thereafter. Getting a car insurance should be hassle-free and fast, and keeping the things mentioned above in mind before putting hard-earned cash into their accounts.

Author bio: +Kristen Francis is a tire dealer by profession who loves to indulge herself in good food during her free time. She not only loves food, she also loves to write reviews on food and automobiles as well. She currently has her energy focused on her new 7 seat suv. A foodie by heart, she stays true in her writing craft.."To write is to appreciate the things that you love."

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