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For you to make quick and easy marketing which will ultimately results to more sales and more sales which will ultimately results to more money in your pocket, beginners as well as advance marketers should as a matter of priority summarize their offers because people most often don't have the time on their side to read through long sales letters thus Beginners should follow this simple formula.;

1. List The Benefit Of What You Have To Offer
Listing and arranging all the benefits of your offer in an orderly manner to your prospective customers and how this offer will be of benefit to them should be the first thing to do.

2. Create a Bold List of the Benefits of Your Offer
Because people like list, creating a bold list by simply listing the benefits you created above from the most important to the least important you have to offer brings about more sale and turn over. 

3. Testing the Page of Your Offer
Testing the page of your offer by testing and reading the page over and over will safe you the costly mistakes some marketers who failed to test the page of their offer suffered when they started newly.

4. Include a Clear Call to Action of Your Offer
All a marketer needs for quick and easy sales is action and so, always include a clear call to action through an Order Link at the Bottom of the List. The best thing you want to do here is to give them your short yet powerful list and then force them back to your main page.

After following the above formula, it is time for you to start your quick and easy marketing and here is how you are going to start making your money. For you to make that money you will have to start submitting Advert for free on free classified sites or submitting Advert for money.

Submitting Advert on free classified site won't cost you anything. Although some free classified site may have premium spots which will cost you money, but you can just stick to the free spots.
For a list of free classified site just do a search on

Submitting Advert for money using Google Adwords, Yahoo, Microsoft Adcenters and a host of others are the best, easiest and fastest way of getting started to making that money. With Google Adwords you will be up and running in few minutes, whereas most other search engines takes 1-3 days to review you Advert and keywords.
It is far more better to use Google Adwords because Google has more audience than any other search engine, thereby providing more money making opportunity for those marketers who uses their services. It is also important to note that you can get started with just $5.
For a quick start go to and do a search for Google Adwords.

With a simple formula like this, it is time to start marketing the quick and easy way.

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