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Software Development: What Will Be Invented In A Few Years?

Software development as a term can be used to describe computer programming activity, which is the course of maintaining and writing the source code. However, looking at it from a broader perspective, software development includes all that is caught up amid the formation of the desired software all the way through to the final materialization of the software, ideally in a structured and planned process. And you shouldn’t read huge custom research papers and complicated books to understand that software development may comprise new development, research, reuse, prototyping, re-engineering, modification, maintenance or further activities that upshot in software products.

It is possible to develop software to meet a supposed need of some set of probable users, to meet specific needs of a specific business/client or for personal use. Nowadays, companies spend a lot of money on yearly basis towards software development or buying complex enterprise software applications. If not an engineering discipline, software development is related to engineering that bring together creativity, science and math. In general, software development is considered to be exceedingly algorithmic in nature, a situation where you can delineate what you want and the way you can implement it. But for all intents and purposes, it is not the only thing that characterizes software.

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that software development is one such field where invention occurs every now and then. Much like the various views of political parties toward governing a country, there are several different approaches to software development. While some may take a more incremental approach, others may take a more structured, engineering-based approach to developing business solutions, in a situation where software evolves as it is developed little by little. However, the question is what will be invented in a few years as far as software development is concerned? In future, the use of the internet-enabled mobile devices will exceed that of laptop and desktop computers. Hence, commerce, communication and other software developers are prepared to invent more sophisticated mobile devices in the coming years. As a matter of fact, from the report gathered from Report linker, by the end of 2013, mobile commerce is expected to attain $10 billion. By that time, providing accessibility of applications by the use of mobile browsers will become exceedingly indispensable. Therefore, software developers will be expected to have practical understanding about working on mobile platforms that include; Blackberry OS, iOS, Windows Mobile, Android and mobile IDEs. You may face tough times in the coming years if you are winnable entrepreneur or developer that is not acquainted with the above skills and knowledge.

On the other hand, for the fact that the concept of packed software is now an outdated version of software development, it will be replaced by those applications that are accessible through the Web in few years to come. The ever-present natural world of the Internet has produced more knowledgeable users, which operates as a driver for everyday changing demands for services that laid the basis for an unsure long-term backdrop for businesses. Furthermore, cloud computing together with Web 3.0 mobile technologies will evolve simultaneously as complementary trends that support the growth of each other in the near future. This is because, with Web 3.0, the exponential adoption of the cloud computing technologies and increase of Internet-enabled devices, an increasing number of applications are being pushed on the Web. In a few years to come, the Web will be considered as the most significant medium for any kind of automated services. Many entrepreneur opportunities have been opened as a result of frequently changing demands for more products and services and easy access to set up IT infrastructure through cloud stack. Also, it should be noted that the IT future will be cloud computing and depends on software applications delivered and consumed through the web browsers. For the fact we will notice various mobile devices as the main access points for the web in future, whether it is for context, communication or commerce, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs will have to acquire technical knowledge.

Software development will witness many inventions in a few years to come. To make this dream come true, developers must have knowledge of developing applications for diverse access points like Smartphone, laptop PCs and desktop computers. It will be very important for developers to equally have a core understanding of working with the Web technologies as well because the Web will be the interface for consuming IT services for many users.
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